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The most important aim of science should be to improve people's lives.

mikey04 1 / -  
Sep 29, 2023   #1

the main purpose of scientific advancement

In the recent decade, there are many outstanding scientific developments. Some people believe that the main purpose of scientific advancement is to enhance people's lives. I am partly agree with this belief.

The main reason why I believe this to be true is health advancement. In the past, many lives were at risk due to outbreak diseases such as Covid 19 and the Flu. This evidently have cause numerous deaths because of lack of medication. However, this soon to be solve due by technical advancement, allowing modern solutions to improve and prevent various diseases.

In additions, technical innovation help improve traveling. Revolution in traveling have contributed significantly to improve people day-to-day life. For instant, people would have to change from various means of transportation in order to go overseas from boat to car or foot and it would take up to days, causing inconvenient. However, the process have been shorten by airplane. This had improved their comfortability and satisfaction.

On the other hand, people could use science for commercial benefits and misconduct activities. Misusing modern devices is a serious issue which put lives in danger. Evidently, guns are dangerous weapons which are being sold illegally by mafia or groups of criminals. They would benefit financially from their misconducting action as well as putting other people's live at risk.

In conclusion, science have numerous benefits as it help product health-beneficial instruments, and make technical revolution. Conversely, it could be misused for criminal activities and endangers others. Given this situation, its seem that science should be aiming to protect and enhance people's lives
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,669 4754  
Oct 8, 2023   #2
You are showing the reader why you partly agree with the given statement using a comparative discussion method. While that would be deemed acceptable in this instance, there would have been a better way of discussing it. That is, you should have given the reasons that you partly agree with only. That way you could have used a semi supportive discussion aspect to strengthen your opinion presentation. Right now, your discussion is not well balanced. Your support for the opinion is better explained than the partial disagreement you have with the topic. So the essay would be scored as an under developed presentation, resulting in maybe just an average, rather than high score for the presentation.

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