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some important aspects of incorporating technology in education.

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Please read and correct to me.

Technology is an outcome of education and now education benefits lot from technology. New technological devices are very crucial in education because they facilitate the teaching learning process and promote the quality of education. Technology also lets students interested more in learning, making schools places where they want to be. The main aim behind this essay is casting light on the important aspects of incorporating technology in education.

There is no doubt that technology facilitates teachining and learning process and helps all the contributors to education. To start with students, technology enables them to enlarge their knowledge and do their homework and researchers in short time with less energy. By using the Internet for example, learners can have access to international forums where they can get help from international teachers and experts besides interacting with students overseas. Concerning educators, technology helps them plan and prepare their lessons by providing them with several sources of information and materials like pictures and videos. Moreover, teachers and administrators can easily contact parents by using emails and websites. Some parents don't have much time to go to school and see what is happening with their children. Yet, with the use of technology, they can usually contact the school and see their kids' grades via the Net.

The Internet and the other technological devices enhance learning and promote its quality. It helps in linking schools with their environment by making them focus on the requirements of the economical, social and political life and cope with the changes happening in the entire world. The use of technology permit schools to teach students how to use technological materials and benefit from the use of the machines like computers, robots by providing the classes with practical courses in laboratories and by offering real videos about the use of such machines. This way, learners sharpen their skills and get the notions about their future jobs. Experimental classes like these prepare students for their careers and make them eager to know more

Teaching and using technology in classes attracts learners' attention, letting them wanting to go to school to learn and discover more. Classes where students learn with the help of technology are much attracting than those in which students sit passively listening to teachers' lectures. Children have the opportunity to see different ways of using modern tools besides benefiting from worldwide experts who explain, via videos and the Internet, the use of technology; on the other hand, instructors benefit from the help of technological devices in introducing their lessons and their students' motivation which make them happy and like their jobs more. For both teachers and students implementing technology in education make school a place where they want to be.

Suffice it to say that the implementing of technology in education enables all the contributors in education to cooperate and get good results. However, there are still few bad effects of the incorporating technology in education like the rejection of books and being addicted to the Internet.


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