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Improving roads and highways or public transportation? It completely depends on dependency of public

ibimali0425 1 / -  
Aug 26, 2013   #1
Should government spend money on improving roads and highways or should government spend more money on improving public transportation (buses, trains and subways) ? Why ?

==> To begin with, improving reads and highways or improving public transportation completely depends on dependency of public. Right decision made by government, as per the necessity, definitely benefits country either way.

In places like New York or DC, which is highly crowed and space allocation for the private vehicle has become the prime problem, people rely on public transportation. To sum up the forgoing, government can constitute the strong ideas about developing the reliability of public transportation. At the same time in least populated sates like Arizona or Dakota, people rely on private vehicles. For this reason, government will be better-off expanding roads or investing on improving roads and highways. The mentioned examples illustrates that, spending depends on the necessity.

Despite both the processes have its own importance, if I have to choose either one of the statements, with good judgement, I think Government should spend money on improving public transportation. Countries like China and Japan are the best example to offer the best public transportation. Almost 70% of total population rely on public transportation. Offering reliable and feasible public means of transportation will lead to lesser use of private vehicles. The positive consequences for the same is, city will be under crowed with vehicles, which will increase the life of the roads and at the same time decrease the pollution. For instance, if 30 people are encouraged and convinced to use the public transportation, the city will have 30 less private vehicles in use. Undoubtedly this will bring the remarkable change in the environment.

The other advantage of improving public transportation over improving the roads and highways would be the investment level of government. Investing on roads and highways can be more expensive and at the same time time consuming. Instead, if the number of stations are increased for subways, buses and trains, it will increase the convenient level of using public transportation. Research shows that few reasons why public do not rely on public transportation is : the distant they need to walk to the stations or subways and the time needed to wait for the next availability of transportation if the current one is missed. So, to put it briefly, government should focus on increasing the number of public transportation and stations.

Hence, despite owning the private vehicle has become the charm and dream of every citizen today, government should be able to establish the convenient and effective public transportation system. Doing so, government will be able to lengthen the life of the road, achieve emission free roads, reduce the traffic and most importantly reduce the pollution.

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