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The inclination between social activities and studying at school

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Sep 28, 2015   #1
For future career success, relating well to other people is more important than studying hard at school.

I am preparing my toefl exam, appreciate your help
There exists a heated debate over the inclination between social activities and studying in school in this day and age. It is commonly accepted that the knowledge learned at school is really important. Nonetheless, it is also claimed that maintaining a benign relationship with others is more vital than the lesson in school. Personally, I laud for the latter based upon three primary reasons.

Granted, some may claimed that students can learn more integral and systematical knowledge in school, on account of that they can delivery any questions at any time they can't understand. To be more specific, they can learn more theories in school, especially in those fundamental subjects, which will benefit them in their future work and life. It may sounds plausible, whereas these benefits are relatively insignificant mush less in comparison to the benefits of the advantageous relationships with others. That is to say, comparing with study in school, positively social work would bring more profits. By contacting with others actively, people would own a chance to obtain many others' perspectives every day. This fact will further lead to the formation of critical thinking, which is not easy to gain from the theories learned at school. In addition, the primary benefit of critical thinking lies in people's daily life, such as the study of a new knowledge or handle the work. Owing to the benefits of this, social work and communicating with others positively is better than study hard in school.

What's more, the primary ground that should be put forward to support my view is that the communication ability will be improved by relating positive associations with others. Specifically,

lacking such kind of skills could bring dire consequences. Since the communication skills are more and more important in this day and age, which indicates that people are contacting with each other by various ways at any time, therefore, good communication skills need to be valued by public. That is to say, poor association skills could lead to unpleasant results, like the fair cooperation or the loss of valuable chances. In contrast, by contacting with others actively and relating lasting relations, you can usually communicating with more people, which means your communication skills will gain a high promotion. So, the more easily you will get along with others in the future. In a word, maintaining great relationships would contribute more to the success of future career than study hard.

Last but not least, the benefits of good social work are obvious: with enormous exposed to the social circle, you would meet a lot of friends from different fields, their occupations and life stories could be various accordingly, which, leads to the connection with the experiences of doing different jobs. Such fact further benefits students' personal selection of the professions. Thus, they tend to decide what kind of jobs they are willing to apply in the future more readily, which will be beneficial to themselves. Besides, knowing different people would be helpful to their social net-work. Not only will they enlarge their social circle, but also more easily to be recommended to some empty occupations. This increase the possibilities they achieve success in the future.

To sum up, from what have been discussed above, it is safe to come to a conclusion that relating good relationships with other people would enhance the possibilities of success in the future.

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