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How has the Internet changed the way we form and maintain friendship?

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Apr 29, 2023   #1
In the modern times, the Internet has significantly altered how we make and cement lasting friendships. In this essay I will explore several methods the Internet can use to develop a deep friendship.

In general, there are a number of ways the Internet can explore to foster friendship. Perhaps the most significant way of this is that we can make and keep firm friendships with someone staying thousands miles away. Unlike in the dim and distant past, when the Internet is not available and only snail mail is readily available, nowadays you can easily find and stay real friends you desperately want on the Internet 24 hours.

Another highly effective method on the Internet to cement friendship is that you can send and receive e-greetings, videos, photos much quicker. For example, in the distant past, you have to go to post office to send greeting cards, videos, and photos whereas now you can easily send it on the Internet at home within seconds, which, in turn, leads to saving money and travel time. Similarly, you can receive e-greetings, videos and photos instantly at your home without going to post office several hundreds or thousands miles away in the freezing winter or in the scorching summer to collect greetings cards or VHS videos, which means that you can avoid frostbite or heatstroke respectively.

In summary, in my opinion, The Internet has helped develop intimate friendships more efficient in term of availability and speed, which inevitably brings about saving time and money
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,976 4812  
Apr 30, 2023   #2
When writing a task 2 essay, you need to write more than 250 words. While that number is the minimum, writing just that exact number does not assure you of a passing score. 275 words is the proper number to write for assessment considerations and other scoring requirements. That said, the restatement + writer's opinion could have been expanded for more precise tackling of the sectional scoring considerations. I recommend that you try to present a summarized discussion topic idea next time to help further strengthen the preliminary score based on a clear writer's opinion.

The response format is not really appropriate for the original question. This prompt is asking for a compare and contrast response. Meaning, you have to give an old way of preserving friendships, then explain how the internet changed that for the better. Develop the explanation as to why the internet way is the best way to maintain a friendship. What is the alternate to the old method?

Do not summarize the discussion possibilities. Rather, choose 2 specific methods that you can fully discuss and develop and explanation for that will be solid and easily understood. Your current writing is confusing and difficult to follow. You are not focusing on coherence and cohesiveness in this case and that will be the main reason this essay will fail.

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