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GRE issue:instead of requiring students to take courses in a varied of disciplines...

agoodweather 1 / 1  
May 19, 2012   #1
GRE issue:instead of requiring students to take courses in a varied of disciplines,college and universities should allow students to enroll only in those courses that prepare students for jobs in their chosen field.

University is not a place where students learn specialized course which matters to their future work, it's also an ivory tower where students of different backgrounds, hobbies, specialties could gather together to talk, discuss, and exchange their ideas to inspire each other. So, establish courses such as music appreciation, biology, humanities, art, and geography can create a broad horizon beyond their specialized field, affording them a chance to see the big picture of human knowledge and understand their place in the progress of seek for truth.

Due to the explosive growth of human knowledge, there is great need for those complex talents, who could have a good grasp of more than one subject. A zoologist once learned a course in mechanics could relatively easily have academic research on the dinosaur skeleton. A sociologist, without learning the basic mathematical tools such as linear algebra, calculus, and probability theory, can't achieve profound insight of the object of study. architects, who previously conducted the work with a purely aesthetic and historical interest, have also made leaps with the master of physics, mathematics, and biology. Those learning different courses will have greater possibility that connect the dots, said by Steve jobs, someday when the confronting the specific problems left by those leaders in only one field.

High school students, not getting many chances to try and find their burning interest, often hasn't an idea about which profession to choose. In china, their professions are decided by their parents who actually cares more about their wages of future job instead of their interest, will have a preference for those popular disciplines. Therefore, after entering into the universities, various students find the discipline isn't their taste and they hardly have enthusiasm for the so-called popular disciplines. Getting bored and attracted by the games or all comforts of the big city, they indulge themselves in numerous recreational activities instead of seeking for their own cause. If a university could afford different kinds of courses accessible to all the students, every of them could find an opportunity to find their deepest interest rather than doing what your parents want you do.

In addition, job is just one part of life. Even though one could achieve much happiness in the success of his cause, what they could do after work except having dinner, watching TV, and going to bed? Of course, many options are available such as going to the museum, theatre, or gym, listening to the music, doing the garden, playing cards, chatting with friends, and trying to write a novel. All of these things, which needs more than the specified knowledge, can make our life colorful and increase the happiness .Even Albert Einstein, who is, of course, an expert in the domain of physicists, develop an appreciation of music and perform for private audiences with his fiend max plank, another great physicist in the 20th century, let alone our ordinary people who have much more time after work.

Education is more teaching students to be well-rounded, having the ability to observe, to think, to appreciate, to create and to enjoy, than only teaching them how to deal with concrete issues in a specialized discipline. So, it's necessary to require students to take a course in a variety of disciplines.
ah_zafari [Contributor] 40 / 672 148  
May 19, 2012   #2
The vocabulary, grammar and organization of the essay were good and I really liked your essay. But, you should be careful about prepositions that I have pointed out some of them below. Moreover, U should not use contractions such as "can't", "hasn't", etc in writing, try to writ the words in the complete form. I hope the comments be helpful.

..gatherget together to talk,
..can'tcannot (do not use contractions) achieve profound insight ofinto the object of study
A zoologist, for instance, once learned a ..
In china, theirthe students' professions are decided (or determine. I think this word is more appropriate in this context) by their parents who actually cares moreemphasis onabout theirthe amount of money that their children can earn from a job rather thanwages of future job instead of their interest,

Getting bored and attracted byto the games
Therefore, after entering into the universities, variousmany students find the disciplinesisn'tare not to their taste
I think the forth paragraph is not related to the topic. At least I could not find a connection??The topic ask about the need of students for an extensive range of courses not the things that provide happiness.

Good luck
OP agoodweather 1 / 1  
May 19, 2012   #3
Thanks a lot!Your comments are very helpful!

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