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University students should be mandated to classes - it improves their grades and disciplines them

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Apr 30, 2015   #1
Thank you in advance, I hope you have a pleasant time reading this and by all means, say anything you wish~

Many high school students are excited when they graduate because they believe they have achieved freedom as they attend college. They feel they aren't obligated to attend classes and believe they have complete control over their time. This may cause students' grades to plummet which in turn could devastate their future. Thus, authorities should mandate students' classes as a requirement.

The university may be an institution where high school graduates are able to roam free to experience the life they deserve, but it is also an institution that continues to educate students. University students are still amateurs of society which is why universities should continue to regulate them in education to protect students from harming their own future. By mandating classes, universities are able to steady students' grades and credits which would be incredibly essential in the future when job searching or asking for a recommendation. Students impressive grades and perfect attendance might attract the eyes of prominent figures or even compel their teachers to recommend them to other advanced workforce. In turn, their future would be secure and the university would have done its job perfectly. A prime example would be my elder brother who attended a university that required complete attendance every day. Initially, he complained and envied his friends who roamed free without any regulation but when he was appointed by a CEO of a well-known company, he felt grateful for the legislation in his university. He remembered how his other friends had a tough time applying for jobs due to their flawed attendance and low grades. As one can see, requiring students to attend classes are extremely beneficial and essential when joining society after graduation.

On the contrary, if schools do not regulate students' attendance, their grades will drop immensely and endanger the future possibilities and probabilities for a satisfactory future. True, going to universities is an exciting time, being exposed to alcohol for the first time, going on road trips with friends, and even finding one's true love are all joyous moments one can experience during college. Nevertheless, universities are most essential in leading students into the high classes in society. Many people apply to universities so they can escape poverty or move up to the capitol to have a luxurious life, not to simply drink beer and hang out. In order to maintain this purpose, schools should mandate students' attendance in classes. This will prevent students from drinking all night or spending on their pastime for there are classes they must attend the next day. In fact, my friend spent too much time drinking and flirting with girls that he always failed to make it in class. Obviously, his grades slowly descended and eventually he failed an exam. His teacher, determined to rectify his life style, pressured him to make it in to class on time by specially setting a rule exclusive for him. Weighed by the personal law created just for him, he began a healthier lifestyle and in the end he graduated with a position at a prominent science lab. For these reasons, I strongly assert university students should be required to attend classes.

To summarize, university students should be mandated to classes because it improves their grades and disciplines them to be better people who will contribute positively to society.

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