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Essay about few languages are increasing in use, while the use of many other languages is declining.

GiangDao 1 / 2  
Apr 26, 2020   #1

the domination of some main languages

There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in this world today, according to statistics 23 languages account for more than half the global is popular. While the use of other languages is decreasing. I agree with the former which is positive outweigh the negative development

On the one hand, the fact that multiple countries share some common languages has some substantial benefits. First and foremost, can communication between people from different countries. For instance, business persons knowing the English language are statistically more prosperous in their business because the can understand what the partner is saying. The secondly, this is a big opportunity interesting things in a foreign land, have the opportunity to study the world is leading education like the United Kingdom or the United States, This is the reason why the ability to speak English or other languages that have global functionality is a necessary skill in the modern world.

On the other hand, use a less popular languages has several drawbacks. First of all, we do not deny that preserving the national language is necessary, the building is impossible to keep up with progress, as many countries with strong economics thanks to popular languages such as Singapore, Viet Nam, Korea. However, employers are willing to pay up to 30 percent higher for English speaking candidates for someone who does not speak a mother tongue, the starting point for income is also lower

In conclusion, although the domination of some languages has had the advantages, the importance of other languages should not be neglected. I believe that know the common languages can raise the value of nations cultures and their prosperity in education
vuthuylinh2611 19 / 61 1  
Apr 26, 2020   #2

First of all, you did not include the full question of your essay so I do not know if you had fulfilled the requirements or not. However, base on the information you provided, I have some comments as follow:

- You opened your essay with statistics. Please be reminded that you will not have access to the internet during the test so using these statistics is risky. Your introduction also have many grammatical mistakes "while the use of other language is decreasing" is not a completed sentence. Your third sentence does not connect to any of the previously mentioned ideas.

- Similarly, in your second paragraph, you used many run-on sentences. E.g. "can communication between people from different countries.". The sentence "... this is a big opportunity interesting things in a ..." is very hard to understand. What "this" refer to? what is the "interesting thing'? what is the subject of "have"? You also ended the sentence with a comma. Be very careful with punctuation.

- In your third sentence. Your ideas do not link to the topic sentence. You mentioned drawbacks then you said "preserving the national language is necessary" which is another way around. This will make you lose marks. Try to focus on only one main point in your paragraph

I hope that you will improve your writing.
OP GiangDao 1 / 2  
Apr 27, 2020   #3

Thank you so much <3
I will be trying improve

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