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IELTS WRITING TASK 2 about learning widely spo languages lead to the increase of minority languages

plinh136 1 / -  
Sep 7, 2023   #1
As languages such as English, Spanish and Mandarin become more widely spoken, there is a fear that many minority languages may die out. Some countries have taken steps to protect minority languages.

What is your view of this practice?

These days, many governments still haven't taken any actions to prevent minority languages from extinction beyond the rising of commonly spoken languages. However, I firmly support the idea that it is tremendously more beneficial for us to preserve minority languages.

Admittedly, adopting the dominant language might help us improve international communication. This is because the phenomenon of globalisation requires us to work with foreigners, so speaking common same languages will help us avoid language barriers, even leading to misunderstanding and miscommunication. For example, English has been a global language since more and more people over the world tend to use it as a means of communication.

However, we have to acknowledge that uncommon languages have a significant contribution to cultural diversity. The point that I want to emphasise is that languages are normally tied up with cultural and indigenous communities, thus, the disappearance of minority languages can lead to loss of some cultures. For example, Ireland is a small country with a low density population making every possible effort to protect their mother tongue Gael from extinction and other dominant languages to also preserve their traditional values. On the other hand, Icelandic is becoming extinct in Iceland because almost all local people speak English instead, resulting in their identity and the tradition gradually disappearing.

Moreover, there is no denying that uncommon languages will bring considerable economic benefits. The explanation for this is that many people want to discover unique cultures related to minority languages and choose to travel to these countries, which will develop their tourism industry and increase tremendous job opportunities. What we have to realise is that when more and more foreigners visit minority-languages countries will not only improve economic growth but also foster collaboration and partnership between countries.

To conclude, despite not improving international communication, uncommon languages not only have a significant contribution to cultural diversity but also bring considerable economic benefits. Therefore, I strongly believe that governments should take more actions to retain minority languages.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4651  
Sep 24, 2023   #2
Stick to your discussion opinion when explaining your point of view. There is no need to defend the opposite side of the topic since you are being asked to discuss a single opinion in the instruction. As such, you have to focus on making sure that your message gets across clearly, without affecting the TA or GRA score of your essay. When you contradict your own opinion, your TA score will be lowered because you will not have followed the discussion instructions properly.

While you did exceed the minimum word count for the presentation, you still managed to not follow the correct writing format. That is because all task 2 essays are only 4 paragraphs in requirement, yet you wrote 5 paragraphs. It would be best if you focus on proper formatting. More attention should be paid to your GRA skills as you have problems with using commas and other punctuation marks in the essay. You need to learn when and where to use those so that you can improve, rather than lessen your GRA score.

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