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Learning from previous tasks and how to develop your instint are very important

hxuanhung 1 / 5  
Aug 20, 2012   #1
Giving a right decision has never been an easy task. Many people think that to have a right decision, they always need to go through a long process of thinking carefully. But how about decisions that we have been repeating over and over? And is life easy enough to always give us a long time before we make our decisions? Should we use our gut feelings?

In our daily life, we can give fast decisions to situations that we are used to it. For example, if you are an private director assistant. Everyday your tasks are to receive and answer calls or emails which are trying to set up appointments with your boss. Then you have to manage your boss's schedule in a most effective and efficient manner. Sometimes you have to decline unnecessary meetings. Gradually you have formed fast decisions for certain situations. So you are not saving your time only but also your boss's time. Consequently, it leads to an improvement of performance of you and your boss.

Besides, sometime we have to trust our gut feelings in giving decisions. Time is not always enough for us to have cafeful thought. You are a bidder in an auction, for example. And you have to give decision very fast within a few seconds or even a split of second whether you would continue or stop. In that case you decide to follow your instint. Furthermore, eventhough we have enough time but following our gut feelings in giving fast decision can work out better in some certain situations. You have planned and researched carefully before buying a specific item. But when you are at a shop about to buy it you suddenly have a favor of another one and immediately you buy it eventhough you have no knowledge about it. Later on you know it was a good decision.

Being able to to give decisions fast but correct is one of the most essential skills in this era. That's why so many classes teaching this soft skill are emerging. You can choose to study by yourself or to take one of those classes. But whatever you do, learning from previous tasks and how to develop your instint are very important.

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