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Lecture points and statement about cars; Integrated Writing Task & Independent Writing Task of TPO 4

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Jan 29, 2016   #1
Hi ! I have just completed my pieces of writing but don't have anyone to help me out. Hope that you guys can help me from structure and grammer perspectives. Since it is a 60-minute test, I did not do any modificatons and hope that you could give a mark. Thanks so much.

Integrated Writing Task

Summarise the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they challenge the specific points made reading passage.

The opinion which was claimed in the reading passage that dinosaurs are endotherms was totally doubted by the scientists according to the lecture.

In the passage, the author argued that polar dinosaurs fossils which were discovered by the researchers indicate that these animals could sustain in such a frigid circumstance. However, the lecturer objected that polar animals just were not capable of migrating or hibernating in the polar area.

What's more, the listening content did admit that dinosaur fossils maintained leg bones which was underneath the body, but it was not the evidence to show that dinosaurs are endothermed. The truth is they use these strong and tough legs to support their extraordinary weight because of their large size.

Last but not least, it is true that a connection was in existence between endothermy and bone structure, but there was still other signals indicating that the growth of dinosaurs was inconsistent. When it comes to the temperature, the speed of growth was influenced obviously according to the observation from the scientists.

All in all, the lecture virtually contradicted the reading from three aspects: polar dinosaurs, leg position and Haversian canals.

Independent Writing Task

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
In twenty years there will be fewer cars in use than there are today.

Within the last few generations, there has been an unprecedented development of the ways of human tranportation means. Admittedly, cars witnessed the drastic changes in our daily life and sometimes people feel that these machines create heavy burden of environmental pollution, however, they are still inevitable for three reasons: population, convenience and technological advances.

First of all, there is no doubt that people on the earth are increasing gradually, and this tendency of growth will not transform no matter in the short or long term. In consequense, people are supposed to necessitate the high desires of human's purchasing cars.

Second, as mentioned above, cars are an inevitable part in our life because of its great convenience. Cars are the prevailing choice among all the transportation means owing to its flexibility. It is available to us all the time and we can drive them to the places where we love.

What's the most important, the amount of cars will not decrease in the future, for engineers will be able to improve the technology to make cars to be environmentally friendly. It is more likely that cars will still be a good assistance when we want to make travels all over the world.

Even though cars have some disadvantages, these factors cannot obscure the fact that cars are vitally important for our development due to its convenience and flexiblity. Above all, I believe that cars will not be redundant machines and deserve better progression to be helpful.

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