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Life is adventure, and adventure is a challenge.

King_mif 2 / -  
Feb 8, 2017   #1

Live is a challenge

Life is adventure, and andveture is challenge. There are a lot of challenge in our life that must be faced. Every morning i wake up at 6.00 am and open my eyes than thinked about plans, i goes to bathroom and singing my favorit a songs and than wear a right clothes, I look myself on the mirror and convince myslef that all in accordance. I goes to campus at 9.00 am and folloing class until time the runs out, some time i feel so bored in the class but no matter because i can listen a song on my headset, probably it's not good but i think as impose as not better.

After time to study have run out, i goes to grocery for just enjoy of coffee with my friends and share a lot of leasson of study or just do task. In this place many students of unversity that different program like a broadchasting, advertising, design interior, accountan and many other. Sometime when i feel bored, i plays billiard with some firends in neraby the billiard place. i plays billiard for 2 or 3 hour.

ichanpants89 [Contributor] 16 / 777 309  
Feb 8, 2017   #2
Miftah, sorry to say but there are lots of corrections needed in your essay and therefore, my suggestion is that you need to proofread it first before posting in this forum. At least, you are suggested to try to check the spellings for each word. If you think it is difficult to check them in your computer/laptop, I might suggest you to use this forum. For instance, when there's a red line under/below your word, that's the sign that the word that you write is wrong (look at the attached image if you still don't get what I mean).

Also, if this is your daily activities, I think it is not necessary to write "Life is adventure, (...) that must be faced." the essay is just a simple daily activities, why bother to write 'life is adventure'? Plus, it is not related to what you have written in the whole essay. When you say that 'challenge' and then, you write 'wake up', it also seems awkward to mention that even waking up is a challenge which means the person who were written in the essay is extremely lazy.

Hope this helps :)

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