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"What is life?" - Senior Paper

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Mar 14, 2011   #1
"What is life?"

Tupac Shakur quoted; "Why am I fighting to live if I'm just living to fight? Why am I trying to see when there ain't nothing in sight? Why am I trying to give when no one gives me a try? Why am I dying to live if I am just living to die"? He's stating that why live if there is no purpose why breath if you're not fighting for anything? Mankind alienates themselves' from the true meaning of life instead of living life with a purpose, working hard to have freedom in life but never take the time to appreciate what they have. Mankind sits through life without any regret and no concern on how life should be treated or adored. Coming to realize that we alienate ourselves from true nature and think we can conquer anything that comes our way. When in reality humans don't fully understand what life truly means before it it's taken from under their feet. How can you learn if no one seems to know themselves: my grandmother always said "if you can't help yourself what makes you think you can help someone else?"

Dealing with the Truman show, The Stranger, and the lyrics to "Happy Home" a person comes to realize that freedom is worth fighting for instead of being controlled. Alienation should not overpower your life because a person comes to realize that they have someone who wants to listen and who is there. It just shows that life becomes an adventure before you even get to experience it for yourself, but the real question is how can a person accept it if a person can't understand it? My goal in this paper is to bring notice that life isn't always what a person expects it to be, it comes with more than just living it; life comes with a purpose to fulfill.

Dealing with The Stranger by Albert Camus, he has given me a different outlook on life when it comes to the true purpose an individual is supposed to live. As the readers can see Meursault never finds a true purpose until he is forced to face death for his actions. The novel represents absurdity in Meursault, who lives for the sensual pleasures of the present moment, free of any system of values. Rather than behave in accordance with social norms, Meursault tries to live as honestly as he can, doing what he wants to do and befriending those whom he likes. He also refuses to simulate feelings that he does not possess when his mother passes away and he attends her funeral. Even though society thinks that Meursault should show his emotions he thinks that his way is always the best way to go by no matter what happens. He never fully shows what he truly feels for Maria he just takes day by day and sees what that day brings him. Camus argued that the inevitability of life is death because all humans die eventually. So what can a person say about Meursault? That he doesn't have a true purpose in life, he doesn't even know how to live life, or he needs to learn to convey emotions for people to better understand him instead of just guessing what he feels. Finally when Meursault is on trial for murder and sentenced to death he comes to realize that he never had a true purpose in life he was just there living life with no feeling or reactions with the world. He accepts his fate of death when he is forced to, but when he had that chance to live life without any regrets or repercussions he never took it but now he sees that he had what normal people wanted in life: someone who cared for them unconditionally and someone true to their lifestyle without any regrets or second guessing themselves. Even though he never had a true Christian belief he knew there was a higher power above and within. He had his own belief throughout the story but towards the end he starts to second guess himself as a person and become a new individual instead of just living for nothing.

Thomas Edison Quoted, "To those searching for truth - not the truth of dogma and darkness but the truth brought by reason, search, examination, and inquiry, discipline is required. For faith, as well intentioned as it may be, must be built on facts, not fiction - faith in fiction is a damnable false hope." Edison is saying there is no true identity with Christianity, because a person will always believe in what they want to believe in. The Truman Show had the ideal life for any human; no worries, no pain, and no regret over life. Truman had the perfect life even when things seemed to go wrong; his life was a fairy tail until the loss of his father. His life revolved around fakeness, but Truman was smarter than what Christof though he was. Truman finally started to the true meaning of what Andrew Niccol is portraying; Christof the creator of Truman's world, states that he made Truman so he can easily destroy Truman. He came to realize that this world that he is living in is not what it's made out to be. Once Truman realizes that Christof the creator says if he finds the truth then I don't have a problem with letting him leave it's his life. As soon as Truman tries his best to leave and find the truth for himself Christof tries his hardest to keep him in Seahaven. But Truman was determined to get away and seek the truth for himself since his whole life experience has been a lie. He was the only real thing through his whole life but did he ever understand the meaning of what Christof was trying to pull off? Christof thought he was his own God so he could do anything he wanted to do since he made this world of his, but Truman was determined to find the truth in what life truly was for him and find his true love. Instead of living life through fakeness, Truman shows Christof that he has a mind of his own and once he sets out on the adventure to find that meaning he is faced with many obstacles that he encounters. But that never stops him; he was very determined to finally find trueness in what life really is. When he finally comes to the point of being free from this caved in world he is faced with the Christof the creator of this made up world. Truman starts to realize he has a voice he can either choose to stay or he can choose to leave the world that was created only for him. In reality people want to have something that will never cause pain or sorrow in there life, wanting the ideal life. Truman becomes the man that he truly is when he lets Christof know that this is my world and you will not control it any longer. When Truman finally realizes that life is more than happiness it's about the meaning of what a person portrays before life comes to an end. Truman lets the audience know that as humans some accept the reality of the world we're presented instead of finding a purpose. Meaning unexamined life is not worth living so why should a person still breathe?

Vaclav Havel Quoted "Human beings are compelled to live within a lie, but they can be compelled to do so only because they are in fact capable of living in this way. Therefore not only does the system alienate humanity, but at the same time alienated humanity supports this system as its own involuntary master plan, as a degenerate image of its own degeneration, as a record of people's own failure as individuals." Havel is saying that no matter what a person goes through be true to yourself because you are the only person that is capable of having your own purpose. In the lyrics to "Happy Home", by Garbage, Home is supposed to be a place where one is expected to be happy and comfortable, loved and cared for. Unfortunately home could be a place that exposes someone to loneliness and desperation which ultimately leads to alienation. This is an anthem to anyone whose life is filled with misery and burning solitude while your lover lies in bed next to you; waiting for the oppression and lonely night to end, while the sun begins to shine bright outside your window. It gives someone the mind set that your not alone, and anyone can feel what your going through but it has to be you to open up and accept what can't be said or done when it comes down to it. Not only does Garbage feel alienated in their life, but they also feel a sense of abandonment from any individual that comes in there life. So how can a person try and mend that abandonment if someone always makes that hole bigger? Garbage is just like Meursault in "The Stranger", they both go day by day without a purpose in life because of the truth that might come with it.

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Mar 15, 2011   #2
Good writing. As a Buddhist we talk about life is suffering, and how meaning making have to do with how we live our life.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Mar 18, 2011   #3
I don't think this is a good way to use the word "quoted"----> Tupac Shakur quoted; "Why am ...

Tupac Shakur remarked, "Why am...
Tupac Shakur posed the question, "Why am..."

Do not say "stating" here: He's stating that why live ...
He is asking, not stating.
He's asking why one should live...

Mankind Humans alienate themselves' from ...
Mankind alienates itself from the true meaning ...

without any regret and no or concern on about how life should be treated or adored.

...always said, "If you ...

Again, here, do not use quoted this way:
Thomas Edison Quoted, "To those ...---And there is no reason to capitalize the word, either.

Do not begin a paragraph with a quote. Begin with a topic sentence. Google this: paragraph topic sentence
Let the quote come after the topic sentence as a way of clarifying it.

:-) Your writing has some errors, but it also has a lot of potential and a great style.

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