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living in one place or always moving for a good job ,house,or even climate.

muxuan 1 / -  
Mar 14, 2010   #1
With society proceeding ,people has many thinking about the life.Some people prefer to move through their to look for a better job, house.community,or even climate.

It's can provide more suitable environment to live to move .Such as,looking for a high paid job ,we can supply our family a better life.And finding a place where there is fresh air and sunshine to live is good for old persons' health.And we are also able to moving a place where is convenience to work or for kids to go to shcool. While , moving to a new place ,you have to rebuild your social circle ,and know the new job environment.In the strange condition,you're easy to make mistakes,and then then manager will punish you by cutting a little pay.So it's not easy to get a high pay.Not only the strange place is bad for working,but isn't beneficial for old persons . The new place where you don't know very well there will exit security problem .For instance ,you don't know what your neighbor do ,and what should be prepare for some sudden things,like thunderstrom.And we are not similiar with transport,which will get us lost.Above two reason is important disadvantage of a number of moving ,but the primary reason is that too many moving is a costly program.If we move to a apartment where transport is convenience,the price of the house will be very expensive.

Base on the disadvantage of unfamiliar working circle,secury and consuming the moving has,I will support to spend the whole life living in one place.

Below is my reason,firstly,it is benefit to our working.Living in one place,we have a stable jod .As we have worked for the company so long ,the manager believe in you,you a working circle which help you finish your work efficiently and you have many chances to be improved.My grandma,who used to be a teacher in high school,has worked in the school for forty years.She is so familiar to the rule of the school that she can adjust her teaching schedule fit for the pace of the school to acheive a prefect result.And she has a social circle,they communitate working experience.As her profile experience in the school ,she has been improved as the headmaster.

The stable place not only provide a familiar social circle to help our working,also promise us the helpful neighbors.Since you have stable neighbors for so many years ,you know each other and can help each other in time.In China,there is a famous sentences say,the neighbors is better than family mymbers who are far from you.Had you forget the key of your home,you can stay in the neighbor's home to wait for your parents.Had you been travling,your neighbors can help you take care of it.Had you not to close the switch of the water when you leave,you neighbor will help you deal with problem.Without believable neighbors,you will sink in a mass of trouble.

To live in one place has bring us convenience both in job and life.It also save our cost.Because hardly can we spend extra money to rend or buy house and decorative it .According to the survey which is researched by Stant statistac company says 80.25 percent of people who moving always will spend most part of money to supply their dwelling.So is we stay in one place it will avoid waste money.

From the analy above, we see the advantage of spending the entire lives in one place has outweight than it of always moving.So I think to live in one place is more beneficial to us.

vikasp 2 / 8  
Mar 15, 2010   #2
your grammatical errors have made your writing vague, you also have a problem wtih correct usage of words
people has many thinking about the life- different people have different views about life
we can supply provide our family a better life
entire lives life
transport is convenience convinenet
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,335 129  
Mar 15, 2010   #3
This is very thoughtful, but you will need to practice English a lot. It's hard to learn, but you can do it!

Practice by reading English aloud, speaking the words.

Here is some help with the intro:
With society proceeding in its development, people are thinking about life. Some people prefer to move throughout their lives to look for better jobs, houses, communities, or even climates.

It is possible to find a more suitable environment by moving. For example, looking for a high paying job, we can supply our family with a better life. And finding a place where there is fresh air and sunshine to live is good for old people's health. And we are also able to move to a place where it is convenience to work or for kids to go to school.

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