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'London is my favourite place' - My Favourite Essay

olivia_16 1 / -  
Mar 4, 2012   #1
The excitment as you look around you and see crowds of people from all over the world. It makes you reallly think about how one place can attract so many people; sky scraper buildings, glamourous clothes shops filling the high streer, (A girls paradise) kids in the park and cafes galore.

Many people come here in search of one thing... celebrities come here to shoot a movie which is pretty cool walking about exploring the exciting things that surround you, and you come across someone that you have watched in a movie or on television and the fact that you have been to the place that they once stood. Makes you feel fabulous as if you are a celebrity yourself.

When I was walking from the hotel to the underground with my mother and sister, I thought we were completley lost but my mother reassured me that she knew were we where. However half an hour later my mum realised that we were in fact lost! Although I was scared my mum stayed calm and went and purchased a map and we were soon realised that we had taken a wrong turn. When we finally arrived at the underground there was a tube about to leave we rushed through the crowds of people... felt as if there was millions of them, we ran to the tube and a kind elderly man opened the doors just before the tube was about to leave we got on the tube to see every one staring at us and there was no where to sit you where to sit you where all cramped on small, claustrophobic and overcrowded carriage.

After a long, exhausting and uncomfortable journey we fianally arrived at are destination. Which is my favourite place the LONDON EYE!!! The downside was we had to wait in a queue by the length of the queue would take up most of our time in London. While standing in the queue I was shaking nervously as I watched ahead and seen the security guards searching people... when it came to my whole stomach turned even though I had nothing to hide but I felt so guilty as if I have done something wrong even though I knew I had not done anything wrong. A sense of relief came over me when i realise I was all clear and one step closer to being on one of the most famous places in the United Kingdom.

As I was over a hundred feet high looking down over the whole of London at the tiny people below. Although mum was to frightened to get up from the seat my sister and I went to the window to admire the amazing view. After a few times of taking pictures of the lovely surroundings, we tried to spot various buildings such as the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and 10 downing street, which we later visited, which we later visited, which took a lot of time and energy running from train to train and bus to bus.

When we fianlly returned to the hotel even though we were exhausted from are days experience my sister and I decide to stay up late and look through all the pictures that we had taken of the sites that we had seen earlier our favourite sweets.

London is my favourite place because I got to see the amazing sites and got to experience all this while spending time with my family.

THE END... or something like that.

nicolejadeyee 2 / 3  
Mar 4, 2012   #2
In a formal essay, refrain from exclamation points, capitalized phrases, and slang such as cool. Also, I feel like anyone who goes to London will say that they like site seeing and spending time with family. Try to be more meaningful in your concluding sentence like how you felt connected with the sites knowing that people from your culture created something that magnificent.

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