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The map with potential sites for two new shopping malls & major transportation features of a town

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Sep 25, 2021   #1

Task 1 - Planned Shopping Centre Locations

Given is a town planning map that reveals the potential sites for two new shopping malls as well as major transportation features of an unnamed town.

It is apparent from the information supplied that shopping center A is expected to be situated in the central district of the town, whereas shopping center B is likely to be placed in the countryside. Also, the sites can be compared in terms of access by road and rail, and their relative positions to different zones and other towns.

Looking at the planning map in detail, shopping center B is on the northwest of shopping center A. It is also interesting to note that the expected location of shopping center A is in the central business district, where cars are not permitted. By stark contrast, the probable location for shopping center B is in the rural zone to the northwest, which is much far away from the town center.

As for major transportation routes, shopping center A is expecting to be not only close to the intersection of two main roads but also to the railway line - both roads and railway line run through the entire town from countryside to central district. Meanwhile, shopping center B is likely to be situated between the railway line and the northwest road.

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Sep 27, 2021   #2
Try to deliver a more precise review by using the 3-5 paragraph presentation. Using the compressed presentation method is certainly quicker, but limits your ability, as the writer and reported, to fully utilize the C+C and GRA scoring considerations. The limited sentence presentation also limits the ability of the reporter to deliver a proper mix of simple and complex sentences. The run-on presentations do not always help the presentation. In the task 1 essay, the longer and more detailed the sentences are, the better the scoring possibilities. Aim to fulfill the requirements for the C+C and GRA sections as these are the more notable scoring sections for this task. The grammar is good. It does not contain any grammar errors that would reduce the score but, the presentation is too limited to help you gain a higher consideration in the end,.

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