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Mixed education provide added opportunity for either sex to develop interpersonal skills

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Aug 5, 2014   #1
Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. Other, however, believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed schools.

Single Sex Education vs Mixed Education

Around the world, mode of education varies according to society and cultural norms. Some countries have single education while in some countries both systems co-exist. Analyzing benefits of both type of education system will help to express an opinion.

Firstly, let us see how mixed education is beneficial to students. Some people believe there are no sexual harassment, more focus studies and religious harmony. Let consider the example of a separate boy's school, Firstly, as there are no girls in school, so boys cannot harass them. Some activities are for boys only and they can work with each other without worrying about girls. For example swimming or cleaning up a classroom as a punishment. Some students may feel shame or embarrass in front of girls in such situations. Also in some religions being partially naked or not covering your body is very offensive. Thirdly, all religious groups who favor separate education would remain calm and there would be no conflicts between societies in general.

On the other side of the discussion, let us consider the benefits of co-education. Some believe that it promotes dialog, friendship and neutralize the attraction between opposite sex. For example, a class which has equal number of girls and boys, usually remains balance and well mannered. Sometime, both sexes try to impress each other and they perform amazingly well in their exams. In addition, sometimes opposite sex, feedback is required, so usually the course remains unbiased towards any specific gender and each learns to respect others as another human being. Moreover, some students become best friends and end up in future married couples. This also promotes a healthy and productive relationship between different cultures and societies.

In conclusion, I think mixed education provide added opportunity for either sex to develop interpersonal skills, become essential part of a moral and balanced society. However, school management should not forget the need for appropriate measures to control sexual harassment and avoid religious controversy.

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