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Museums and art galleries cannot provide the convenient condition for the visitors

mita23 34 / 37 3  
Feb 22, 2016   #1
Some people claim that public museums and art galleries will not be needed because people can see historical objects and works of art by using a computer. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

People always enjoy and love entertainment and now in this modern world, people can access the enjoyable by many ways, like visiting the place which provide it, such as public museums and art galleries. Nevertheless, majority of people argue that these places will not be demanded due to advanced computer which is able to supply the information of ancient objects and works. In my opinion, museum and art galleries are still important in appearing historical arts and works for some reasons.

To begin, by the existence of museum and art galleries, people are able to appreciate how wonderful the arts are directly and see the detail shape of them in many angles while computer cannot shows the distinct appearance of the old arts because it only accommodates the picture of arts. Consequently, people will be more satisfied when they take pleasure of arts by looking at them in direct interaction rather than harnessing the modern computer. Therefore, museum and art galleries are still crucial as appropriate place for antique objects.

However, nowadays, museum and art galleries cannot provide the convenient condition for the visitors who want to obtain enjoyment of arts and primitive items. Both places tend to exhibit the art creature by boring ways and they provide less quality of facilities. In other words, there is no bright invention to attract people for visiting historic museum and art exhibition, yet computer is able to offer the attractive way for people who require art knowledge by accommodating easy access. Therefore, majority of people tend to judge the museum and art galleries will be not needed.

To sum up, museum and art galleries are essential for presenting the visual art for the lovers while computer cannot do the same thing. Nevertheless, it is necessary to make the amazing environment in both places to attract the people, so their existence can be still wanted.

Peter_Tim - / 9  
Feb 22, 2016   #2
A museum is an institution that conserves arts collections and other objects of cultural, historical or scientific importance and make them available for viewing through exhibits. On the other hand art gallery is a place where visual art is exhibited. Museums provide an effective way of learning by creating an informal learning attitude and centre. This help individuals to acquire attitudes, values, skills and knowledge from cultural, historical or/and scientific influences. Museums also inspires Interest in area of study, market or skill. These among other reasons make museums an exclusive place to visit for cultural/historical exhibition.

On the other hand advance in technology has made it easier for people to learn about the arts collection found in museums. However we cannot say museums and art galleries are not providing convenient condition for their visitors. This is because computers only give narration of historical objects whereas museums provide real visual experience, hence creating personal reinterpretation over time.

However, nowadays museums are turning to technology to boost attendance. So with help of technology museums and art galleries will remain relevant.

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