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native English teachers vs non-native teachers

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Jun 24, 2008   #1
Hello, here is another essay. :-) I am always thankful for your big help! Hope my essay is getting better.. ah! also, I try to clarify my previous essay, which is about homeroom teacher. If you don't mind, would you check that essay out, too? Again thank you so much. Have a wonderful day! :-D

topic: Do you think native English teacher offer more advantages to students than non-native English teachers?

For many decades, it has been believed that native English speaking teachers are superior to Non-native English teachers especially in teaching oral production. However, I am convinced that the statement above is merely a myth in English language teaching profession. This essay will examine why having native English speakers as a teacher is not always advantageous in the field of language teaching.

One of the possible reasons is that native English teachers are less likely to put themselves into students' shoes. That is, unless they have ever had a chance to learn second language, it can be hard for them to understand how difficult it is to learn a new language. On the other hand, non-native teachers are more aware of how students feel towards learning a language since they actually go through the process of learning before. They are probably better at predicting what potential linguistic problem students may encounter, and give them more productive treatments.

In addition, different cultural norms can be a big challenge for both native English teachers and students. Native English teachers enter the classroom with their own cultural mores or patterns which are gained from their home country. For instance, being quiet unless students are allowed to talk in the class is regarded as a good behavior in most parts of Asian cultures. However, not talking in the class can be seen as a lack of class participation by teachers from English speaking countries. Accordingly, they could give the silent students bad credits even though those students are in fact taking part in the class.

It is true that, native English teachers are in the advantageous places in that they give more authentic pronunciation and richer expressions to students than non-native teachers do. Regarding students' affective area and cultural matter, however, non-native teachers can have more positive influence on students' language learning journey.

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