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[WR T2] Is it necessary for schools to prize 'high-grade' students?

Dang Quy 1 / -  
May 6, 2023   #1

reward for students who show the best academic results

Some people think that it is necessary for schools to prize students with the best academic results, while others believe that give awards to students who make improvements is more important. In this essay, I will analyze both viewpoints and give my opinion on the matter.

There are reasons to reward students who have the best result. Perhaps the most significant reason is that competitions help students to try hard to become the best. To be clear, most of competitions are organized with difficult tasks that they have to spend a lot of times to study and prepare for competitions. Additionally, students who have high rank in competitions have more opportunities to enroll in top universities. Moreover, a wide range of large companies are likely to choose trainees who has best results from competitions at universities, so that it can be significant opportunities from them after graduating.

In contrast, it is also reasonable to reward students who make improvements. First of all, this can help students avoid being stressed and feel free to study. To be more detailed, without test or examinations, students are not likely to suffer pressure from studying and tests. Therefore, it can be good for their health. Additionally, no competitions can encourage most students to study. To be clear, there are not many students have such demands to become the first grade and they can spend time on experiencing other things such as interacting new relationship in universities or simply doing they like.

To sum up, students have motivations in becoming the best via competitions and learn many social skills through debating. On the contrary, many people may argue that students feel enjoyable and comfortable with no exams at universities.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,919 4800  
May 8, 2023   #2
In this essay, I will analyze

You do not need to repeat the instructions to the examiner. He knows what you are supposed to be writing about. What you have to do in this section is indicate your opinion regarding the topic. Respond to the writing instruction by providing your point of view. Without it, you will get a failing early assessment of your writer's opinion, which will affect your overall final score.

You have failed to compare the public opinion with your personal point of view in every paragraph. All of the information presented is one sided, from your point of view. That runs counter to the given discussion instruction which is to compare and contrast the public opinions with your own. While you will receive marks for the presentation, you may not get the highest mark possible because you only provided one out of two writing instruction presentations.

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