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Newspapers are having enormous influence on people ideas and opinions. Why is this the case?

thuylinh2310 1 / -  
Apr 24, 2024   #1
Topic : Newspapers are having enormous influence on people ideas and opinions. Why is this the case? Is it a positive or negative situation?

While the internet has revolutionized information access, newspapers continue to exert a profound influence on people's ideas. This essay will explore the reasons behind this phenomenon and argue that the influence of newspapers is a positive situation, shaping people's thoughts ethically and appropriately

It is undeniable that the cause of this phenomenon lies in the meticulous and thorough process of censorship before publication. The published information must be strictly scrutinized from sources and the author's standpoints. Any information from unreliable sources should be discarded, and the author's opinion expressed in the news should be aligned with national social norms and beliefs. These causes lead to people's trust in newspapers, which influence people's thoughts.

Additionally, Newspapers employ skilled writers who display impactful narratives and present arguments with logical structure.They use persuasive language, statistics, and expertise to support their claims, making their articles compelling. Therefore, their piece of news is a powerful tool for attracting a broader readership and imposing their perception.

Some people argue that the influence of newspapers impedes people's critical thinking skills as people trust them and always receive the information without discerning its appropriateness. However, this statement is not valid. The authors' perception conveyed in the news shapes people's beliefs and guides readers to think appropriately and ethically. Their opinions are representative of their social beliefs. Therefore, they can be viewed as a favorable situation.

In conclusion, newspapers continue to play a vital role in shaping people's ideas through rigorous verification processes, persuasive writing, and trustworthiness.While the digital age has brought about new information sources, newspapers remain indispensable as a reliable and ethical source of information. As the world continues to evolve, newspapers will continue to adapt and innovate, ensuring their continued influence on people's thoughts.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,956 4807  
May 3, 2024   #2
This essay will explore the reasons

This does not respond directly to the writing prompt guide so your writer's opinion is incomplete. Always provide the reasons in summary form when asked to complete your thesis statement. Otherwise, point deductions will be applied for incomplete writer reasoning.

It is undeniable

You cannot make these claims because there will always be an opposition to your point of view. Frame it instead as a neutral opinion coming from a disinterested party. You can say something like "Some people will claim..."


There is no need for an additional justification. This is a 2 reasoning paragraph essay. You just need to provide the reason and explain your opinion. This will not get any score because you will have run out of time to completely discuss the essay in written form during the actual test. This additional paragraph could result in your failing the test.

Home / Writing Feedback / Newspapers are having enormous influence on people ideas and opinions. Why is this the case?
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