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Older people lived with their children - multifarious Nursing Home Advantages

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Mar 30, 2014   #1
Gone are the days when elders in the families had great respect, significance and support from every family member in thier grayage. Presently, modern generation tends to send thier old parents in old aged homes due to busiest lifestyle, generation gap and privacy concerns. Here, this essay will account for pros and cons of these special homes.

There are multifarious advantages of such places. First and foremost, supreme accommodation, food, medical facilities and care takers play a phenomenal role to keep elders healthy in their later age in old aged homes. For example, appointing nurses and doctors by government nourishes good fitness and health to late adulthood persons with medicines and health tips. Thus, they can live their lives happily. In addition, unlike their native homes with busiest children, staying with peer groups in special homes enable them to get rid of loneliness and have more fun and frolic by sharing ideas and playing some games like chess, cards so on. All of above, they have freedom to take rest, eat foods and enjoy any time without any responsibilities of earning taking care of home and grand children so on where as in own homes, sometime, they are exploited by young family members in many ways in the stage of life when they are helpless.By contrast, elderly homes have darker side too.

Firstly, old people have worked hard to bring up their children and provide good amenities affectionately. Thus, living away from family members and own dwellings hurt them emotionally. What is more, day care centers may offer good facilities but late adulthood can not fulfill thier aspirations to eat favourite foods, wear desired clothes and visit historical, religious and other travelling spots due to restriction and no extra freedom. Thus, it might leads them to discomforts.

From my notion, elderly residential complexes have both merits and demerits. Although modern families recieve ample benefits in their personal and working life due to existence of such places, they need to take responsibilities of well being of their elders because old people have helped them to stand on their feets with luxury lifestyle. Consequently, old generation should be supported by their own families.

To recapitulate, their is a dire need to inspire modern people by awareness campaigns, seminars to look after their precious old members.
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Mar 30, 2014   #2
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