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The Olympic Games still play a vital role in today's modern time - IELTS

jaypatel 1 / -  
Aug 19, 2015   #1
Essay topic - Some people say that the Olympic Games no longer have a role to play in the 21st century. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


It is sometimes argued that the importance of international gaming events such as Olympic has dramatically reduced nowadays. I completely disagree with this view.

There are several reasons why I believe that the Olympic Games are still significant today. Firstly, the Olympic tournament is the only platform, where each and every country on this planet participates irrespective of their mutual differences and extreme relationship. Secondly, the potential of these games bringing peace, harmony and resolving conflicts through the international diplomacy cannot be denied. Thirdly, for players this is the highest level to compete with best of the talent worldwide. In each coming Olympics, players are pushing human limits to new level that no one had ever thought in their wildest dreams.

Furthermore, these games bring many economical benefits and advances to the host country. To assist the organizing country for a successful event, many international financial institutes and banks offer long term and low interest loans. By these funds, governments can build necessary infrastructure such as Olympic village, transport facility like Airport, Metro train and buses. Although these facilities are built for the occasion of Olympic games, but they will benefit the most to the local inhabitants of the city for a long period of time. On top of this, many people get employment during and before the Olympic Games as tourist from overseas visit their city as a holiday destination.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the Olympic Games still play a vital role in today's modern time by bringing many positive developments to the world.

Aug 19, 2015   #2
I am not really sure that if my suggestions below are correct, but in China teachers always tell students that write this kind of IELTS writing according to a fixed writing model.

paragraph 1, introduce the topic that given, such as what is Olympic Games, and what about the status aroud the world,
para 2, ideas about some people think it is important, then give your reasons generally two or three, and write two sentences separately to support your each reason.

para 3, the opinions of opposite side, such as many other hold the perspectives that..., explanation same as above,
para 4, talk about your opinion, in fact it is to rewrite the points of what you write in para 2 or 3.
note that use many different sentence forms, and use different words or phrases to express your ideas.
you won't get high marks if write like what i write above, too simple words and repeat the same words.
wish could give you some help.

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