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Originality is an identity. Every idea generated in this world is as original as its originator.

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Sep 1, 2010   #1
"Originality does not mean thinking something that was never thought before; it means putting old ideas together in new ways." Can anybody give me a few more examples in accordance with this prompt. thanks

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Every idea in this world gives birth to numerous new ideas yet all of them are unique & absolutely original. It's like a seed that is planted in the soil, nurtured by water and manure, all working together to give birth to a plant which bears leaves, buds, flowers and fruit on its many branches; all are ideas generated by pre-existing ideas yet entirely different in form, constituents and applications from that of their parents and all of them are created to fullfill an exclusive need which the parents couldn't. So, old ideas serve as raw materials fow new ones, as Oxygen and Hydrogen for Water; and the product is as original and indispensable as it's precursors.

What can be a more old idea then this world around us which serves as an abyss of ideas leading to many new and extraordinary ones. Nature is the very essence to originate Art, illustrated by beautiful masterpieces; Wordsworth' "Daffodil" was enthused by the sight of them along the Glencoyne bay, Monet's "Cliff at Dieppe" was inspired by the Normandy Coast and Fashion designer Washington Robert's autumn line is engendered by beach rocks. Similarly, history has also provided a fair share of ideas to Artists to create pieces which are etched in time. Like the idea of Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" is taken from the Christian history which in turn inspired Selvador Deli to create "The Sacrament of the last supper". Existing ideas gave way to new ones but none can be accused of being an imitation, as old ideas serve as a creative stimulus.

Ideas depict the needs and views of a specific time, with enhancement of minds the ideas are also tailored to fulfill the needs of the current scenario. Technology is a major example, the journey of creation of a modern day computer ways back to the 16th century Abacus which was improved year after year to give birth to an IMac and Pentium which fulfill our present day needs. A computer is a product of extrapolation of old concepts; it is enhanced by coupling various pre-existing ones. Concept of optics led to the invention of cathode rays and Silicone chips led to the development of a processor. The fusion of these novel inventions resulted in the development of the computer which is far more pertinent to today's requiremnets as it's predecessors.

All ideas are fashioned from the ones already available; by joining the knowledge of two distinct aspects a new and previously unknown element can be created which may be far more profitable and advantageous. Amoxicilline and clavulanic acid are two antibiotic, when used individually they show limited bacterial spectrum; however, when combined together in 1977/78 to form Co-amoxiclave(patent name :Augmentin) the efficacy of the product was greatly enhanced. An ice cream cone is another example, Ernest A. Hemwi wrapped a waffle around ice cream and the ice cream cone was born which appeared far more exciting as well as hygenic as it put an end to sticky fingers. In today's time such innovations are much in demand as the companies are facing the impact of globalization, technology and knowledge revolution, inability to generate new financial resources, maturity of environmental hazards as well as climate changes.

is as original as its originator.
Originality is an identity. A product or notion or idea is said to have an exclusive identity if it describes itself in an approach and manner that can be done by none of its antecedents or contemporaries or descendents, such an idea is truly original. In every field of life old ideas serve as a precursors for new, it is way of advancement, modernization and improvement of life. Thus every idea generated in this world, whether inspired, extrapolated, articulated or innovated from an old idea is as original as its originator.

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Sep 1, 2010   #2
I enjoyed thoroughly your discussion on originality! Some details, amoxicilline for instance, might not be easily absorbed by the average person though~

I think originality comes in the form of inspiration. You might talk about how creation of concepts, not just in art, but in any creative work comes from an existing source.

We talk about muses for example, in greek literature, which serves as "inspiration" or like the artist you mentioned, taking ideas from nature. Extend this line of thought to include everything! I doubt there is a single artist/writer who will claim sole credit for his work~ Everything we make is inspired directly or indirectly from our experiences!

Try working this line of thought in, will make it a bit more appropriate for the inner artist in all of us :D

Excellent essay!

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