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Packaged food benefit society

dust1205 1 / -  
Mar 19, 2019   #1

Convenience and pre-packaged food

Well, to me this is an interesting question because it's very practical. I think, nowadays packaged food is being seen as a friend of people. We use them everyday in everywhere and it's really useful for us. There are 2 main reasons that packaged food profit community. The first resason, it's extremely convenient. Food is processed then it's put into boxes, bags,... and customer can take away and use them. Snack is an closest example, when you crave chips, you often think how to buy them as fast as possible instead of rolling into the kitchen. Therefore, packaged potatoes is one of a popular good in grocerys, supermarkets,..... Moreover, packaged food ensures hygiene for people. Apart from a few isolated cases, we are always received a good quality when using food packaged. Human beings will prevent foodborne illness

Ekaputri17 6 / 12 7  
Mar 19, 2019   #2
hi @dust1205

this is my suggestion for you:
1. do not make contrasted in writing: it's it is
2. ... because it's very practical: for the next sentence, it is better to explain more why the packaging being practical as I think the second and the third sentence are redundant.

3. the same case with "it's extremely convenient" why this item convenient to use in the next paragraph

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