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Paper about ISA. My teacher said my paper is unorganized.

sadie0910 1 / -  
Nov 20, 2008   #1
Hi, I would like help on how to organize my paper better. I am really bad at writing. I have no idea where to start. The paper is supposed to be about ISA's and how they affected me growing upMoney...Is it really that important?

Have you ever in your life got everything you have ever wanted? Have you ever not had to worry about money? Growing up getting everything you have ever wanted does not help how you live your life as an adult.

Ever since I can remember I have been handed everything. When I was in school I always had the "in" clothes, the "in" shoes. I would never have worn something from Wal-Mart. Everyone was always jealous of me. I never understood why until I was old enough to understand what so called "middle class" and "upper class" meant. I lived in the richer section of my school district and people just assumed I was stuck up. Where you live doesn't determine your class status. Some people buy houses in upper neighborhoods and can barely afford them because they want that class status. The boys used to like me because of the cool cars I would get dropped off to school in. It is funny how people want to be your friend because of the amount of money you have.

As I was growing up I was never taught financial responsibility. I just asked and I received. Even when I was at the age where all my friends were getting jobs I never had too. My mom always gave me money when I wanted to do something. I did have the household chores every child has but never received a set allowance like my friends did. I never bothered to ask if we had the money. I just expected it to be there and it always was.

I like to maintain the lifestyle I had as a kid. I also would like for my kids to never want for anything. When I am out shopping, I hardly ever look at price tags. Going out spending money is like therapy for me. Although sometimes I think therapy would be cheaper! I know that if I need help my mom will be there. I hide a lot of the money I spend from my mom because she complains if I buy things. She even had a fit that I bought my daughter a homecoming dress! She is trying to make me be responsible with my money, but it is so hard considering she always lets me fall back on her. My family (mostly my mom) has made me this way. I like the finer things in life and I go buy them knowing I can't afford them but mommy is always there to help me out of a jam. I know I sound like a spoiled brat but I'm a grateful spoiled child. I know I am blessed. Don't get me wrong. I never ask my mom for anything unless she asks me what I want for holidays. She just always asks if I need money and of course I'm going to say yes. Who doesn't want free money?

I am now 35 years old and my Mom is still that way with me. I have never bought a vehicle. I never have to buy myself or my kids clothes (although I do because I love to spend money). All the furniture in my house is thanks to my Mom. If I invite someone over for the first time they are amazed at the things I have and I always tell them "my mommy loves me." I lost my job at the end of July. I was working in an automotive factory and they were cutting back due to business. I was going to go back to school in the fall anyways for a couple of classes but since I was unemployed I decided to go back full time. This is a luxury not a lot of adults can afford to do. This economic crisis that the United States is in right now has not affected my spending habits at all.

In today's society too much emphasis is on money. Although it is said that money makes the world go round. People are greedy and want, want, want. Money has no meaning to me. It does not make you who you are. Although some people like to think that it matters. It does not make you happy. I have learned that lesson as a child. I will not go into detail how I know this because that is a whole other paper. The thing it does do is put less stress on people. When it is easier to pay your bills life is a little more enjoyable. Maybe some day I will learn to save money. My mom is not always going to be there for me. I have a feeling when I am finished with college she might stop helping me, but that is okay I think it's high time I learned to do things on my own. Maybe it's time I grow up.
EF_Team5 - / 1,586  
Nov 20, 2008   #2
The main thing about organization is that each subject you want to talk about should have its own paragraph. To better illustrate this, try making an outline. Make each subject your really want to talk about its own line; then, list the story or detail you want to use which illustrates that point. When you have listed all of your subjects, jot down your conclusion, which should include all of the main points you wrote about in your outline. The conclusion should reiterate and wrap up what you wrote in the piece.

I hope this helps!

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