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Parents must have strict rules to their children if they want their children to be successful

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Nov 29, 2015   #1
TOEFL ESSAY : Parents must have strict rules to their children if they want their children to be successful in the future.

In the past, many parents believe that successful people should be formed with strict rules when he is young ,even with some physical punishments like strike. In contrary, this idea is put into doubt by the public nowadays. From my view, Only rarely can strict rules let children to get success in the future. Parents being too strict to their children may bring serious damage in children's life.

To begin with, strict rules set by parents worsens the relationship with their children, resulting negative impacts in their children's grow up. It's obvious that those whose parents are strict have an unhappy childhood compared to those whose parents are not strict. When they remind their childhood, they find that it was all filled with painful memories and their parents' angry faces. Besides, it may let children to lose the ability of imagination which is a key factor to get success,

Due to the fact that parents force children to act as their wishes.

Also, serve strict rules may do harm to children's mind, even resulting that they will be criminals in the future. That means, the harm caused by these strict rules may root violence in children's mind as their parents always punish them seriously for some little mistakes. As a result, they become ruthless and confined to their own opinions in the future, which is harmful to their personalities. Take a famous murder in my country for example--a student named Tom who received rigid rules from his father finally kill his roommates because of some conflicts. He stated that he was so angry because his roommates made him think of his tough father in the conflict.

Admittedly, strict rules may form student's personalities like diligence and politeness. We often find that the elites often receive strict teaching when they are young. But there are other factors like fesiblity and creativity brought by various activities. Supposed that strict parents reduce their children playing time, children will lose chances to form these abilities and enlarge their social networks. Coming into light of the social work, it is another key factor to get success, especially in the 21st century.

In sum, we can not deny the important role of strict rules playing in the growth of children. But too rigid rules do more harm to their personalities, which is more possible to cause their failure in the future.

Thanks for your kind advice of structure or grammers on my essay!

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