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Park in Bangkok -Should the government build the park in the middle of the city?

brightxxz 1 / -  
May 26, 2014   #1
Parks in Bangkok

Up to the present time, parks are quite important for people who live in cities like Bangkok. As we know that Bangkok consists of many buildings and residents. There are very less places where still remain natural. Sometimes people might get bored with offices, buildings even their own home. It might be a very good idea for the government to build more parks in Bangkok.

First of all, Bangkok is the capital Thailand which means there are so many people live in this city. Building parks is one of the best choices that the government should do. Parks have so many benefits. For example, building parks can reduce pollution around the city and make people nearby feel more refresh. If the government builds any parks, it should be in the middle of the city. Because it is easier and more convenient for the main population of the city to enjoy the park. The park should be big enough to compensate the city's size. If the parks is famous, there will be a nightmarket which local people sell foods and drinks while visitors are taking a walk in the park. This can be one of a good tourist attraction for Bangkok.

Parks can also be a place for human activities. Since most parks contain pools and lots of trees, this motivates good atmosphere and nice places for people to picnic. Otherwise, it might be a better idea for people to do exercise at parks than fitness centers because there is clean weather there so that they can feel more relaxed. While people were doing their activities, they can also meet new friends as well as old friends. Some might use parks for meeting centers. Moreover, when people get to know each other and develop relationships, they can also bring about lovely communities in order to live together happily.

In conclusion, The government should build the park, because its various benefits. People can live together happily and make anybody feel relief, due to the atmosphere of the park including people whos doing activities.

KMeghji 8 / 20 7  
May 27, 2014   #2
There are very less places where still remain natural.

There are a very few places which still maintain greenery.
andial 21 / 48 3  
May 30, 2014   #3
Instead of using same word frequently. it is highly better to use referencing such as it, they , or so on

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