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Past and present views on damaged items

spandya 1 / 3  
Sep 18, 2021   #1
Topic :
This days many of us prefer to throw damaged things away, whereas in the past people used to repair damaged items and keep them for a long time.

Explain why you think this change happened. What are the effects of this change in attitudes?

In ancient era, ancestors were habituated to reform defective items and to store them for further requirements. However, this phenomenon is totally altered for current generation. People are emphasizing to discard crashed products rather than to repair them. This causes because of the human attitudes towards damaged stuff also it affects mostly in all the sectors. In this essay, I am going to elucidate the premier reasons of this scenario and certain impacts with relevant instances.

To commence with the reasons, the foremost fact is the deficiency in quality of products. In general, when the quality of items are compromised accidentally or artificially, the owners suggest that this item will not perform well in future and they select either throw or purchase new one. Secondly, person does not have skills similarly no time to renovate the broken items. Therefore, he is encouraged to eliminate that thing. To exemplify, if someone's mobile phone is damaged and he does not know proper technical solutions, obviously, he include it in trash and search for new one.

Consequently, a sea change is defined in different fields due to elimination of defective items. Firstly, people dispose crashed products even though those items can be repaired. So that, they do not take interest in recycling methods. Sometimes, those garbage become boon for needy people. For an instance, rich parents give old books of their children to poor children which already acquire more space in their home. Besides, if trashed items throw away from home and other area, the place will become clean but massive dumping yards are increasing nowadays.

To recapitulate, although defective items are thrown by most of citizens, if such products will be modified by someone, definitely those items might be as useful as before and become best out of waste for long time.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,753 3795  
Sep 19, 2021   #2
Do not focus solely on the vocabulary aspect of the score. Such a presentation shows that the writer does not have a well-built English vocabulary and that he is incapable of writing properly structured English sentences. Big words do not create simple and complex sentences. That is the misconception the with relied on. It led to an essay that is nest to impossible to understand due to the constant incorrect word usage in the presentation. The writer did not understand that the words used formed incoherent sentences that will definitely fail in 3 sections:

- L R
- C + C

This essay will find it difficult to recieve a passing score.

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