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Why are people attracted to dangerous sports, activities? 'to expose themselves'

Why do you think some people are attracted to dangerous sports or other dangerous activities? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Today people especially juveniles attracted to some new activities and sports that seem weird or dangerous but they like to do them. There are many reasons for why they like these dangerous activities that here I mentioned to some of them.

Young people have much more energy than other people and always they seek the way to expose themselves. For examples they like dancing in the parties for several hours without tiredness or going to the sports clubs for exercising. Also the other types of activities that they more attracted to do them are some dangerous sports such as bungee jumping, cliff climbing, or rally that have high thrill. In fact they don't much care to their dangerous and more thinking about enjoying of these sports; for one moment close your eyes and thinking that you jump to the earth from a high altitude or driving a car with a high speed, they are so exciting.

On the other hand the young people sometimes have betting among themselves for doing some weird or dangerous activities that shows them strongest. Although they may be afraid of these sports, their pimples don't let them to shirk from carry out these activities because their friends think that they are coward and humiliate them; it seems foolish but is suitability for their age.

At last but not at least, they may be do these sports not for exposing themselves for their friends or to empty their energy, but only for their interest and love to do this activities.

In sum with noticing to some explanations said above I think that doing dangerous sports which more appropriate to juveniles than other people are because of their interest and high exciting to do; besides, showing the power of young people in front of their friends.

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I'll try to fix this part in the intro:
Today people, especially juveniles, are attracted to some new activities and sports that seem weird or dangerous. but they like to do them. There are many reasons for why they like their enjoyment of these dangerous activities, and I will mention some of them. (RIGHT HERE, ADD A "THESIS STATEMENT" THAT EXPRESSES THE MAIN IDEA OF THE ESSAY. THEN, END THE FIRST PARAGRAPH.)

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