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Some people believe that teenagers should be required to do unpaid community work in

ALI ASADI 2 / 2  
Jul 11, 2012   #1
Ii is clear that, new knowledge is prerequisite successfully in future life. Some people believe that if there was possibility for teenagers to learn new knowledge in free time, they not dissemble this situation.

Some people think that partake in unpaid community in free time is very benefit for teenagers, because does it exist this possibility for them to learn some new knowledge and learn more information about future life and job. Moreover, when teenagers attend to unpaid community work, Expression this they follow your interest freely without any pressure, then they will be able get more information about their interest to find best way to be successful in future.

On the other hand some expert believes that attend to unpaid community work give not motivation to have responsibility about community work. They think that, if teenagers get money will be responsible to be precise and try to have more activity to earn good situation and much money. It goes without saying that, surely the number of favorite work will be decrease.

To sum up, I think unpaid community work in their free time is very useful, because is possible you select activity related with their interest, then is very useful for future life and you can find their negative point. But we not forget money give motivate for mostly to continue attend to each activity.
tau 4 / 10  
Jul 11, 2012   #2
I believe that teenagers nowadays is very difficult. But I totally agree wit you. Nice one


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