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IELTS: people should create a sense of co-operation in their children

Umair Bandhani 1 / 1 1  
Apr 18, 2014   #1
Question) Some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged. Other believe that children who are taught to co-operate rather than compete become more useful adults.

Answer) It is undeniable that children have an innocent mind, and they requires a proper guidance at a specific time to make them understand the value of life. Some people think that it is better to make them competitive, while other believes to make them co-operative. Both these factors have their own values, and have been discussed in detail below:

Competitive children are more likely to be confident enough to handle the situations independently. This factor initially arises from the school, where teacher encourages student to feel more competitive through the grading system, and this is the place where children are trying to get on the top by scoring the highest marks. This factor will lead them to be successful in their lives ahead, but will also restrict them in many ways. For example, MNCs are mainly focusing on a team work, and a person with the competitive mind would be having a difficulty in managing the situation with the team.

However, those who wants to create a sense of co-operation in their children is a symbol that they want to make them sensible enough in their lives ahead. Although, they will not be having a pace and an eager to get on the top as the competitors do, but they shall have an art of managing different situations of life with the help of a team.

In my opinion, though competitive children will be far more clever and faster than the co-operative child in an initial level, but it will not help them to be on the success path for the long run; while on the contrary, co-operative child will have a potential of structuring and implementing new and innovative ideas with the help of a team.

To conclude, I would say that people should create a sense of co-operation in their children to make them feel more accomplished in life.

Big B 1 / 3  
Apr 19, 2014   #2
personally, i think you need to use more complex structured sentences. because in GRA : a wide range of stuctures & complex structures are required
Aisha Baloch 1 / 3  
Apr 19, 2014   #3
What should I keep in my mind while writing an essay, if I know very little about that topic?
eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,208 476  
Apr 20, 2014   #4
Notes to remember:
A writer needs to keep in mind that the intro is often what a reader remembers best. Your intro should be the best part of your essay. If you could, state your own opinion in the introduction itself with a statement expressing your opinion very clearly. That helps you take the reader in your desired direction.

5 or 4 paragraphs?
Well, if you have a question that you don't like at all, then you can write with a 5-paragraph essay. You write one introduction, three bodies, and one conclusion. This can help you write more words, but some students, that I see, put grandiose ideas, by writing too many words. Uppsss.., remember, 40 minutes to finish your essay are a must :D

Developing the classical five paragraph essay or more will send you to earn a very impressive result, but this should be followed by a succinct explanation, coherent sentences, grammar error-free, colloquial usage, etc. Otherwise, you may get an average score.
Aisha Baloch 1 / 3  
Apr 21, 2014   #5
Please tell me some more tips for the introduction and conclusion. Thank you.
dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Apr 22, 2014   #6
The above approach I have given is for your introduction. Follow this one for your overall essay structure and read the sample essays carefully to understand what I suggest.

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