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TOEFL: Some people like to communicate by email and voice mail. Other face-to-face.

ghafarimahsa 15 / 41  
Jul 12, 2011   #1
Some people like to communicate by email and voice mail. Other people like to communicate by telephone or face-to-face...

Nowadays, due to saving time, many people would rather communicate by email and voice call. Although I understand them and see their limitations, I support the idea of communicating by telephone or face-to-face. I have this preference because of some reasons that is mentioned in following paragraphs.

Communication should be clearly and obvious and it can be better done by face-to-face connection. The format of the face, the way we look and our temper can be transfer only in this matter. Therefore, less misunderstanding would be happen and our connection has more guarantee. For instance, I watched a film last week, there was a woman who was too shy to accept her boyfriend proposal directly and the man thought she does not love him anymore on the internet. I think if he proposed while looking her eyes everything would have been changed. So, face-to face interacting may cause less doubt in comparison to the other methods.

We can take advantage of communicating by phone or face-to-face to allotte more time for each other. Nowadays, many people suffer from depression in the world. A pressed article in a popular magazine was describing the reasons of this happening that one of the most critical reasons was not sharing the feeling and emotions with our friends. As a result, the more allotting time, the more benefits we can reach.

As stated above, I thought we should preserve our costum and do not let technology damage our living. But, in case of need, communicating by emails and voice mails are so beneficial. It has many benefits like its price and rate, but it is not always suitable like talking with your mother. In my preservation, the advantages of face-to-face interaction overweigh the merits of connecting by emails.
ajit88rai 22 / 188 3  
Jul 16, 2011   #2
Hi friend,
in ur first para u have mentioned u support the interaction thru telephone n face to face--- these both r contradicting as telephone is again a technology based medium while face to face is real life experience----

u can also write that the virtual world has its limitations n sometimes threats too--- people meet over internet, fall in love n the one day their so called beloved vanishes with their bank balance or they r cheated in some other way ----

people say "eyes say it all" n its true.... technology can advance but can it ever provide the sense of touch?

just add these points if u like them--- maybe it will be cool---

good luck n cheers
OP ghafarimahsa 15 / 41  
Jul 21, 2011   #3
I really like your attitude and your suggestion. I am practising in writting but due to time limitation some of my reason are not logical enough and i dont know what should I do.

Many thanks for your time and consideration,

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