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Some people think that reducing air travel is the best way to protect environment

chathuri1982 1 / -  
Jan 24, 2017   #1

many ways to pollute the atmosphere - not only by flight

These days people involve in environmental protection more than earlier due to pollution has been began as a result of industrial revolution in the 19th century.Environmental pollution can be identified as three main types such as air pollution Land pollution and water pollution.Many people think that air pollution is the most harmful pollution type in the environment since harmful atmosphere make it difficult for plants,animals and humans to survive as the air becomes dirty.Even though some people believe that by reducing air travel can be protected environment,it can't believe since there are many reasons for environmental contamination.

one way to do this would be limit air travel because these days many people use air travel as a transportation method as a result of reducing price of air ticket rather than past.Furthermore there is no argument that air travel is the fastest method for transportation. As a result of increasing air travel it is caused to burn more fossil fuels by releasing large amount of sulfur oxides to atmosphere.Therefore,by limiting air travel it can be protect environment by reducing release of sulfur oxides .

However,There are many other ways we could reduce emissions, for example if we can increase use of Biomass fuels instead of use fossil fuels it cause to minimize production of sulfur oxides.Furthermore,when we consider about other facts which cause to air pollute it seems that air travel is not the main reason for air pollution.Agriculture activities,exhaust from factories and industries ,Mining operations and house hold cleaning products emit toxic chemicles in the air pollution.Hence,by increasing efficiency of fuel,way pollute atmosphere.use wind,building carbon capture plants and replace coal based electric by using Nuclear can be reduced air impurity.

In summary I believe that reducing air travel is not most effective way of reducing emissions because it is not only way pollute atmosphere.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,941 4806  
Jan 25, 2017   #2
Chathuri, it would be best for your essay if you can provide us with the complete prompt instructions. At the moment, I cannot decipher the point of your essay and how it should be scored based on the band requirements because the conversation you are presenting is highly confusing and as such, does not make sense to the reader. This sort of stress upon the reader is what will earn you a low to failing score in an actual test. I believe that once you provide the complete prompt, I will be able to better direct your essay towards a proper set up.

At the moment, your essay suffers severely in the areas of task accuracy and grammar range / accuracy. There is a lack of cohesive and coherent discussion because of the lack of focus in sentence topics. Finally, your lexical resources are questionable as they do not match the type of debate that you are trying to present. I can show you how to improve the discussion, but first, I need to know how the instructions are requiring you to respond to the prompt. Please post the original instructions in this thread as soon as you can so that I can offer you a more insightful review of your work.
ayuriska 7 / 13 1  
Jan 25, 2017   #3
Hi @chathuri1982, actually i dont get the point of your essay, it will be better if you write the complete question. well, beside sulfur oxides, perhaps you can mention other emissions like carbon monoxide, methane, or ozone also are the result of burning fossil fuel.


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