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ielts Writing Task 2: Today more people are travelling than ever before. Why is this the case?

Today more people are travelling than ever before. Why is this the case? What are the benefits of travelling for the traveller?

Travelling is become the part of humans livelihood and in recent years, this has been gained a momentum. I will discuss why there is a tremendous increase of it and also the advantage of being a part of journey in my essay.

Today, there is a rapidly growth among commuters. The main reason of this is the tight schedule of people in their daily lives and lot of work commitments, due to which it is hard for them to spend time with their family and as a result, they plan vacations in very short time intervals. Another reason why people are travelling more is to release tension from their work and give themselves a break from the continuous working hours. These are all the factors which encourage individual to plan a long distance travel.

There are many advantages of being a part of travel trip. One of the main benefit of travelling is it introduces you with the different people along the journey which help you to know different people, their culture and It also helps you to relax your mind and keeps you away from all the hectic of your life. For example, recently, famous internet blog have claimed that, elite business person plan one vacation trip in every quarter of a year which helps them to keenly focus on their work. Apart from this, people can also enjoy the different cuisine, picturesque places, etc. These are all the positive aspects of having a trip.

In conclusion, it seems it is essential to take part in travelling which keep your body relax and healthy. Therefore, In future I see more and more people planning their travel and giving themselves a break from work.

good writing
just some points
Try to put different reasons in different paragraphs
Travelling ishas become thea part of humans
and in recent years
a part of a travel trip
is that it introduces you
their cultures
Hello Mayang7g
I am Ifan
The essay you've created about the advantages of traveling is good
These following some of considered corrections to make your essay grammatically correct :
1. Why is this the case ? The appropriate sentence to refer it is simplified by How come this case ?
2. Traveling is become the part of human livelihood ("becomes" it is the linking verb so doesn't need be verb)
3. tremendous increase (In appropriate) because both of word are adjective
4. there is a rapidly (rapid) growth among commuters
5. work commitments (Job commitement )
6. sometimes you repeat the subject so seems like double subject for instance which it is hard for them to spend time
Hoping these corrections would be useful for you
  Closed ✓

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