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The pie charts compare ways of accessing the news in Canada and Australia in 2018.

ngngheo0cot1en 1 / 1  
Nov 16, 2023   #1
The charts compare the data on different methods to access the news from people in Canada and Australia in 2018.
Overall, instead of accessing news through radio or print, most readers in Canada and Australia in 2018 watched TV and scrolled through online platforms to update news.

In terms of TV and online platforms, there was an opposition in the rankings between the two countries.The proportion of online news readers ranked first in Australia with more than half, nearly 15% more than that in Canada (36%). An opposite pattern can be seen in the figure for TV news viewers in Canada, which remained at the top position with 40% and surpassed the corresponding figure in Australia (37%).

Regarding the data on radio news, in 2018, the proportion of news listeners in Canada outnumbered that in Australia by half. Furthermore, the combination of print and unspecified ways of accessing news in Canada doubled the proportion in Australia.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 15036 4827  
Nov 27, 2023   #2
Though the presentation is short by task 1 writing standards, it is actually a clear and concise presentation. Something not easily achieved by an ESL writer. However, this essay hits the mark in terms of overall requirements. It is a passing essay in its current form, with room for increased scoring had the writer tried to write more than just 156 words. That could have been better achieved had you written more in the last paragraph. That is the most underdeveloped presentation part in this essay. You should have presented more data to support your analysis. The way that you skipped the data presentation in that paragraph is puzzling. There was no reason for you not to have presented the percentages in relation to the discussion.
OP ngngheo0cot1en 1 / 1  
Nov 27, 2023   #3
Thank you so much for your feedback.

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