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3. The pie charts show the results of a survey in which undergraduates and postgraduates were asked

mannhi113 1 / -  
Feb 28, 2024   #1
The charts below present data from a survey conducted in a school, reflecting the responses of both undergraduate and graduate students regarding the diversity of books and information-providing devices in the library. Overall, it is evident that undergraduate scholars tend to express positive satisfaction with the school's facilities, while graduate students exhibit dissatisfaction with their educational resources.

Firstly, 22% of graduates report being completely satisfied with the variety of books available in the school library. In contrast, more than double that number, specifically 50% of students, feel that the library lacks diversity in its book collection. Furthermore, the school's inadequate facilities lead to 62% of alumni giving a negative assessment of this issue, while only 16% of students express contentment.

Regarding book diversity, more than one-third of the total student population at the school, accounting for 37% and 35%, respectively, indicate appreciation and enjoyment with the library's book selection. Moreover, the majority of students, at 68%, trust the academic materials provided by the university. However, 12% of current students still have higher requirements for these resources.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,797 4780  
Mar 5, 2024   #2
The summary overview and trending statement are clear and quite strong in this case. The comprehensive presentation of these 2 discussion points in a clearly connected paragraph means the exam taker has a good grasp of the English language. There is a slight problem that will lower the score of this essay though. The fact that the image was only identified as a graph, without the specific type of graph indicated, leaves the reader confused as to how to imagine the information to be provided in his imagination. This will lead to a lower GRA preliminary consideration due to the confusing nature of that sentence.

Uniformity in the paragraph presentation will also help increase the overall score for this presentation. It is important that you present at least 3 sentences, instead of only 2 in every paragraph. An academic paragraph is composed of at least 3 sentences.

Home / Writing Feedback / 3. The pie charts show the results of a survey in which undergraduates and postgraduates were asked
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