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[IELTS Task2] More and more plastic waste is polluting the world's city, countryside and ocean.

Pingkuo 1 / -  
Apr 22, 2023   #1
More and more plastic waste is polluting the world's city, countryside and ocean. What problems will it cause? What measures should be taken to solve these problems?

Nowadays, pollution caused by plastic waste can be seen all over the world, leading to a significant negative impact on ocean, urban and rural areas. However, these problems can be dealt with using several methods, which I will explain in the following paragraphs.

The pollution of plastic waste can lead to three major problems. Firstly, it does harm to the ecosystem in ocean and beaches, resulting in a threat to the health of wildlife. We can easily find cases like sea turtles being stifled when a plastic straw passed through their noses, or polar bears getting ill because they swallowed a plastic bag. Secondly, the plastic waste cannot be degraded. This leads to an increasing demand for more spaces to store this type of waste and thus squeezes the residential areas in the cities. Lastly, in the countryside, randomly dumped plastic packaging undoubtedly destroy the environment and habitats of wildlife. This not only hampers the development of tourism, but also puts a number of endangered species at risk.

Nevertheless, these problems might be solved if both individuals and the government start to take actions. One of the methods of preventing plastic waste from polluting our environment is to simply reduce the usage of products made of plastic. We can replace the plastic bags with paper bags, bring your own cups when buying coffee, or dine in the restaurant rather than take away food wrapped with plastic containers. Another way is to produce the plastic-made products with biodegradable materials. This way, it takes less time to degrade the waste and no need for extra room to store the plastic waste.

In conclusion, the plastic waste pollution negatively influenced on the ecosystem, the quality of living, and the development of tourism. However, we can still use several tactics to address this problem, including using less plastic-made products and make the products with more eco-friendly materials.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,648 4752  
Apr 24, 2023   #2
The essay is overwritten at over 300 words. For proper formatting, editing, and proofreading, try to not present more than 300 words. That will allow you at least 3 minutes to accomplish the final version requirements in relation to scoring to scoring requirements. It will also help limit the number of presentation errors that can lower your sectional and overall final score.

You properly represented the paraphrasing of the original topic but, you failed to establish the discussion direction, based on quick topic responses, which will be scored based on writer's opinion guidelines. There is no clear preliminary opinion presentation to be found which will be supported by the expanded discussion. The preliminary is needed for the successful reasoning presentation.

For the first reasoning paragraph, you do not need to present 3 examples and explanations. The normal count is 2 related topics, which you provided efficiently in the aforementioned section. Over discussing is bad for your word count. It lessens the possibility of accomplishing the final edit before grading.

these problems might be solved

You need to strongly support your opinion and suggestions in this part. Never use words of uncertainty as it can affect the strength of your opinion. You are scored based on how well you can defend your stance. Being unsure of the results of effectiveness of your solution presentation will result in a lower score for that paragraph.
rubinguyen 3 / 5  
Apr 24, 2023   #3
In my opinion, you have a wide range of vocabulary and use some effective sequencing adverbs ( firstly, secondly, etc.) However, I see that you need to utilize other cohesive devices such as by doing so, therefore, hence and so on in lieu of repeating " this " to refer to the previous words/ sentences so many times in the essay. That is my point.

Home / Writing Feedback / [IELTS Task2] More and more plastic waste is polluting the world's city, countryside and ocean.
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