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Popular movie goers - 1 ietls academic

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Apr 10, 2017   #1

the most frequent movie attenders in Great Britain

The line graph describes movie goers by age group in Great Britain from 1984 to 2000. Unit is measured in percentage. Overall, there was an increasing trend across the four age group over the 17 year period. The age group of 15-24 has the highest attendance while 35 and higher age group has the least.

Initially, in 1984, the age group of 15-24 movie watchers has the highest attendance, registered at approximately 15%. The trend continued for the next 5 years, however, in 1989, there was a minor decreased before peaking again,recorded at 50% by year 1994. After 5 years, in 1999, it reached its highest peaked just below 60% before falling by the end of 2000.

The age group of 7-14 and 25-35 has similar figures, in 1984(10% and around 5% respectively). At the beginning of 1989, both age group experienced fluctuations across the 5 year period. In comparison, by the year 1994, both theater attendees in both age group 7-14 and 25-35 experienced a slight declined before increasing again. The trend continued until the end of 2000 where both age group has the same figure at approximately 32%.

The least of the age group, 35 and above, recorded at around 2% in 1984. There was a steady rise across the 10 year period at around 3% increased by 1994. The trend continued with little changes in between before it peaked by 2000, just above 10%.

To sum up, movie goers is most popular at age group15-24 while the least popular tends to be on age group 35 and above.

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Apr 10, 2017   #2
Kristoffer, you must be doing something wrong when you upload the image because it is not showing up in the post. You just have to click on the attach image link in the upper portion of the text box and then choose your image for uploading. I really don't understand why you are not (successfully) attaching the image. It makes it very difficult to review your essay. I will say this though, your essay sounds like it is very informative, provided the facts and figures you are sharing are properly taken from the image you were provided with. Your presentation has improved over the first essay you wrote but still has a problem with proper paragraph presentation. Practice using full stops, with a period, instead of a comma. Stating a fact in one sentence will get you better points then stating connected ideas in one sentence. It will also help you meet the sentence requirement per paragraph. Again, writing more than 150 words is most effective when you use it to increase your lexical resource and grammar accuracy scores. Your concluding paragraph at the end of the essay should have either been longer to meet the sentence requirement and increase your score overall or, included in the previous paragraph since it is only a single sentence. A Task 1 test does not always need a concluding sentence because there is no opinion to be given or topic to be restated. The conclusion is a normal part of the task 2 test instead.
Apr 10, 2017   #3
The sentence "The age group of 7-14 and 25-35 has similar figures in 1984" must be in past tense sentence. it must be " The age group of 7 - 14 and 25 had similar figures in 1984

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