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Possible effects of longer living for individuals and society[Report IELTs]

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Aug 3, 2011   #1
Surveys show that people are living longer in many countries. But increased life expectancy has many implications for aging individuals and for society as a whole. What are the possible effects of longer living for individuals and society?

At present, with the rapid progress of economy and society, the standard of living rises correspondently. The improvement promotes people's expectation on life, helping them live longer than before. It also brings unpredictable results in terms of individuals and society.

Undeniable, there are benefits for individuals who possess longer life. To begin with, people with longer life can work more time and postpone retirement, thusly, for one thing they create more values for the public and the society objectively. For another they gain more confidence and sense of fulfillment instead of emotion of depression after retirement. In current society, some jobs like doctors and so forth require the job applicants shall be experienced and skillful. People with longer life address the demand partially.

However, negative effects for individuals and society is not negligible. Firstly, as long as senior citizens occupy current jobs, the younger cannot alter them, thereby causing a tide of unemployment which may be harmful for the stability of society.

Secondly, aging group propose a serious challenge for social welfare and security. The government has to spend more money on pension craft, in other words, every citizen with a job pays more taxes to raise the older people. Once the expenditure in one field increases, on the basis of limited finance the government's capability of providing other public services become weaker.

Thirdly, whether the resources of medication can meet the increasingly high requirement of aging people remains to be a problem. Doctors and nurses take more time to care for these people and some patients who need equal medical care have been put aside.

Based on the arguments from various factors above, it is obvious that aging tide is inevitable and how to maximize the advantages of aging people while eliminating the disadvantages is a realistic question.

337 words. A bit longer than my assumption. Sometimes how to control the length of the 2nd essay of IELTs is not easy for me.

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