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Powerful earthquake shakes central Myanmar

azmi23 17 / 28 3  
Aug 24, 2016   #1
here is another summary of the jakarta post. As the source is a compact one, i tried to paraphrase it. So, again and again, please do not hesitate to criticise!


On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, center of Myanmar was startled by a 6.8 SR earthquake and urged citizen running out of buildings. Later, The U.S. Geological Survey stated the epicentrum was 25 kilometers (15 miles) away of Chauk, where is an ancient capital of Bagan. In addition, the depth of the shock was 84 kilometers (52 miles) beneath the Earth's surface that generally categorized as a deep earthquakes which less likely to cause disaster on the surface. However, there was a possibility to cause casualties and damage loss, but it seems localized.

In fact, the report was true that there were no critical damage reports in the country's largest city. It was just frightened Yangon residents that dashed out from tall buildings, Buddhist shrine, housing complex and toppled objects or some trembling glasses.

The earthquake vibrated through several states in India, Bangkok, and several hundred kilometers away to the east, which also caused panic and building sway. But still, no reports of damage or casualties that mattered.

dinartika19 37 / 67 6  
Aug 24, 2016   #2
Hi Azmi!

August 24th, 2016

where is an ancient capital of Bagan locate.

less likely to cause disaster

as a deep earthquakes

But still, => please don't use but in the beginning of sentence, change with : However, Nevertheless, in spite of this

Note : you can use other specific relative pronoun such as : which (to talk about animals and things) or where ( to talk about places) than just using "that"

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