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Prison may be a good solution for criminals, but there are also some alternative methods

daisyna2405 1 / -  
Oct 24, 2018   #1

prison as the best solution for crime?

Nowadays, the number of offenders is increasing higher and higher. In the face of rising crime rates, prison have been chosen as the best solution at the present time. Beside that some others think there is other effective ways to deal with them. Personally, I partly agree with the opinion.

- At first, the cost of raising a criminal is very high and with such a high crime rate it will cause a huge shortfall for the state budget. Instead of that, criminals can do voluntary works to help people in public. The government uses taxpayer's money to pay for police, prison guard, and other expenses needed to manage prisoners so prisoners have to work for them to help society.

- Truly, prisoners can go out to do voluntary works for society but we can't deny the danger that some criminals can cause harm to society. They are a very serious threat when they come into contact with the outside world and they really need to be detained completely to avoid hurting any other innocent people.

At the end this discussion, I completely agree that we have many other effective solutions to deal with them. On the other hand, we must have the test and make sure that nothing is going to happen to achieve the best effect.

rockprincess 7 / 12  
Oct 24, 2018   #2
Hello, you need to write more than 216 words, try to aim 260 in your mind. I could not see the reason or discussion on what you partial agree that prison is the best solution. I see you are against the topic. this would affect your task achievement. the third paragraph can be used if your position is opposing, disagree but it needs a rephrase. try to follow the structure for a paragraph using a topic sentence, support sentence and then elaborate or give an example. good luck.
Underleveled 1 / 2 2  
Oct 24, 2018   #3
I'm not sure why 260 words is the golden mark but this response is way too short. Your argument lacks any sound reasoning or explanations. You need to provide evidence to back your claims and also attempt to refute the potential counter arguments. You claim prison is the best solution for crime. I can argue that longer incarceration times will create criminals who are detached from society and more likely to repeat offenses when released. I claim a better solution is lower incarcerations and a focus on rehabilitation will reduce crime. What can you say to counter that?

"At first, the cost of raising a criminal is ..." the unintended irony in this line. No one intentionally raises criminals. "The cost to house a criminal..." makes more sense here. The point of this line is criminals are expensive so have them give back to the community to make up the cost. Provide examples or reason for this claim.

Next you state that criminals are too dangerous to actually go out and do the community service they owe society. So whats your solution? Thats also a bold claim. Tax evaders and shop lifters don't scream psychopath to me. Support the statement and give evidence.

Without any other information about the prompt, I say this paper needs to be given way more thought and effort. This comes across as a vague outline.

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