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TV is replacing books as the new devices for people to learn in modern society

jessy 1 / 1  
Jan 11, 2013   #1
In a world where media technology is booming and television programs become divers. A growing number of people argue whether it is becoming a general truth that people can learn more from television than reading books. In my opinion, people in modern society could indeed learn more from television. And the reasons for my opinion are as follows.
riyak 6 / 13 1  
Jan 11, 2013   #2
You need to work on your sentence formation.Other than that your essay is good. Points are indicated within [].

First of all, television makes it easier for people to learn, especially when it comes to abstract theories. With motion pictures and audio effects, television could better illustrate intricate derivation and elusive concepts than books.[ but in books you can go through the points repeatedly. Which advantage a single telecast program cannot provide] Take the process of cell division as an example. It is hard to envision the process no matter how many pictures are showed on the biological textbook. While illustrating the process by motion pictures, people could actually see how these cells copy the genes themselves and split into two identical cells. Besides, explaining on television makes it much easier for people to understand the whole process without looking at the pictures on the book and trying hard to imagine the sequence of their movement. Therefore, compared with the boring words on books, the visual and audio effects on television could make people learn more.

Second, learning by TV can be more appealing[ more appealing that what? you need to write full sentences], which in turn can bring people more knowledge. Visual effect and humorous images inject much joy into the process of learning. Based on my own experience, learning from television are really enjoyable[ is more enjoyable]. During my primary school, I used to have a hard time learning math since learning through the boring words on books is too abstract for me, let alone apply those theories into math exercise. Then a cartoon teaching program on television which applies some cartoon characters like Micky mouse and Deer Banby into the teaching process is helpful for my math learning[ use past tense and you couls say" turned out to be very helpful" use of grammar is wrong in your sentence]. With the vivid teaching methods, I gradually fell in love with math because every time I focused on those math practices, I felt as if I were playing games with Deer Banby. Eventually, it is television program rather than books that helped me obtain basic math ability. As we can see, televisions have a magic power to make learning fun and thus help us develop interests in learning.

Third, televisions provide better access to acquire the latest knowledge compared to books. As we all know, it takes some time for books to reach the consumer thus the information is often out of date. While making TV programs takes much shorter time than publishing books and become a priority for people to obtain the latest knowledge.[ not true, books can reach a much larger group of people. In poorer countries, television with a lot of channels and latest programs is till a luxury. Also, its only in developed countries probably where you have programmes that focus on all latest developments. Making tv programs is also so much more expensive than printing books]To be more specific, book publishing involves several steps such as composing, editing and publishing. As each step can take at least one week, a book needs one month to get into the market. What about TV programs? They can even be live. What's more, sometimes people tend to share the latest knowledge on television instead of publishing it on books, especially when the notion is not too complicated. For instance, the widely known program TED is the typical source for obtaining some new ideas. Hence, instead of books, television could bring people the newest knowledge.

From what have been discussed above, it is clear that television In many ways is replacing books as the new devices[ device] for people to learn in modern society for it makes learning easier and enjoyable as well as keeps in pace with the development of the world.
colin 23 / 48 15  
Jan 12, 2013   #3
Good essay. But writing such a long essay in the real test may cause you to feel time pressure.
dumi 1 / 6,925 1592  
Jan 13, 2013   #4
In a world where media technology is booming and television programs become divers

.... this sentence does not sound complete... you need to add another idea at the end :(
In a world where media technology is booming everyday and television programs consume the majority part of one's daily routine.... (continue with the next idea)

And the reasons for my opinion are as follows.

... This sentence is not very meaningful because the examiner anyway expect you to do this. So it does not add value and you can think of removing :)

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