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When in Rome do as Romans Do. To what extent you agree or disagree?

parulsinha008 1 / -  
Apr 30, 2012   #1
Usually there is always a proverb to fit every occasion. The proverb 'When in Rome do as Romans do' means when we are with Romans, we should openly accept their culture. This is a good thing and it demonstrates our unorthodox nature and our willingness to accept other cultures. However, we should understand the demarcation as to what extent this saying should be accepted. I agree to this statement but to some extent I disagree to this proverb.

Every culture has their own ways of celebrating their happiness and sad moments. For example, in Indian culture, weddings are considered to be one of the biggest events in the family and it goes on for 3 days. If an american or British attends such events in traditional Indian wear and appreciates the culture, the local people will be more than happy to accept them and involve them in every rituals. Similarly if an Indian attends an american or British wedding happily like other american and British people, the locals will be delighted and they will accept Indian culture openly.

Every culture has its positive and Negative aspects. We should accept the positive aspects , however, the negative aspect can not be ignored. Some cultures are very strict and sensitive about their religion and their way of life. For example, Muslims follow their religion strictly and their religion prohibits consumption of pork in their food. Their sentiments should be respected and they should not be offered pork in their meals.

However, accepting and following other culture is a threat to our own culture as well. we tend to lose our own traditions and beliefs in an attempt to follow and embrace other cultures. Future generation will not learn their real tradition and culture and in this process, there is a chance that we will lost our own values.
moravej44 - / 1  
May 4, 2012   #2
Some proverbs have roots in our childhood.In other words,people grow with them.When in Rome do as Romans do is one of them.But there are many things people used to believe in childhood and older they got,weaker was their belief in the issue.In my opinion the above proverb can be categorized as such reformable factions.Logical thinkings and looking at the realities and problems of life more serious affect such beliefs.For example human beings meet the conception of worths while adulthood.This is known as something that is worth to defend.Now does this proverb function imperessively on such issue?Sometimes people face up to the states in the lifetime they see the worths they belive are in danger.They try to play an imperessive role in these states despite of its danger.If someone asks them to be consistent with others they say no and continues to defend becouse they dont want to do as Romans do!

Moreover,by reading history one can see that heros mainly rose by combatting or defending things many wrere opposed to.Maybe many people like to be such as others.It brings safety and comfortability for them.However ,it also convey a conception called conservationism.

All in all,this proverb is a famous saying but not a rule.It can be changable,reformed and sometimes ignorable in some states.

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