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"Scott Rudin" - identify a producer whose work you admire

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Jun 16, 2011   #1
Hi everybody :) i'm applying for a film producing course and i have to write about a producer whose work i admire and give reasons. since english my second language i really need some help . i hope you could revise my essay and help me change it to make it sound more professional.:) Thanks

Please identify a producer whose work you particularly admire and tell us why.

Without a doubt, Scott Rudin is one of the most prominent features of entertainment industry and one of the most successful Hollywood producer's in recent years. His projects were always amongst the most critically acclaimed ones as well as being highly successful in the box office. He won two of the most important awards of this industry, Toni award in theatre and the Oscar. By looking at his filmography, almost everybody could find at least one all time favorite movie. For me this number is slightly higher!

In every category, there is a movie produced by Scott Rudin that I could easily name as my favorite. From very well praised comedies such as The Royal Tenenbaums and The Trueman Show to highly acclaimed The Hours, the Coen brothers masterpiece No Country for Old Men and the recently admired the Social Network , I impressed greatly by the quality of his work and the creativity he has as a producer.

Scott Rudin has a strong background in theatre and I think that is the reason behind his unique ability to notice good stories. He is a specialist in literary scripts. The fact that he always chooses the right book for adaptation and the result is always as good as the book shows that he has a commendable knowledge about drama and that made his projects very influential and engaging.

Another positive feature of Rudin's is the diversity. His works range from comedies and dramas to animated movies and adventures and he is doing a wonderful job in all of them. That, unquestionably, made him one of the most powerful producers in the world since he could win all contracts and deals because professional people who work in the industry could easily rely on him.

One of the most impressive skills he has is capability to choose the best cast and crew for each and every project and the ability to convince them to work for him. If he ever insists to work with someone, if it is the director, the screenwriter or the actors, it is always because there is no other person who could do that work better than they could. By choosing the right person for the right project, He made many artists and stars progress in their career.

Although Scott Rudin is a very pleasant person to work with, he is famous for being, somehow, cruel to people working for him. Some people might correctly criticize him for that, but in my view this manners has a root in his meticulous planning and preparation for his work which made him expect everybody to care about the project as much as he does. This precise attention to details is what made his works stand out and made him an icon in this competitive industry as a reputable and successful producer.

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