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Sending the drug users to rehabilitation will heal them - jailing such people is not a solution

Riiskacha03 31 / 34 5  
Feb 20, 2016   #1
Should drug addicts be jailed or rehabilitated?
Discuss both views and give your opinions.

Some would argue that people who get addicted to heroin should be jailed, while other believe that they have to be rehabilited. In my opinion, send the drug user to rehabilitation will heal them completely from their high eagerness on using it, instead of jailed them to make detterent effect.

Drug using is illegal and based on the applicable law, the users have to be jailed. This is because imprison the narcotic users would limited them from the activities taking drugs and force them to stop addicted to it. In reverse, the National Narcotics Agency of Indonesia state that narcotics user have to be rehabilitated to build self consciousness in order to stay away from the drug to avoid the possibility of the reusing it.

Rehabilitation is the better way to reduce the number of the narcotic addicts. While the rehabilitation process, they will be given treatments which heal them from the addiction and receive the guidance to make them realise the dangerous of drug which are expected to stop the addiction for long-term period. The recent data of the heroin addicts around the world shows that there are 70% of them who reusing it after getting out of prison, while by far all of the rehabilitated user avoid to use that drug again. According to this, I believe that people who get addicted with narcotics have to be rehabilitated to make them leave the using behavior by themselves, not be jailed.

In conclusion, lock up the drug addicts into the prison is not the best way to heal them, in reverse they should be given the appropriate treatment to make a long-term curing.
putri22 33 / 33 5  
Feb 20, 2016   #2
hi riska,
i like your idea but let me give you suggestion to make it better.

i think the first body is not really coherence since you did not support your topic sentence. it is better if you give supporting sentence or supporting idea about imprisonment for drug addicts rather than giving the opposite statement about national narcotics agency of indonesia. you can discuss another opinion is the next body as you made in the second body (your second body is very good).

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