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More and more senior high schools require students take part in some voluntary activities

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Demanding Students To Work for a Non-Profit Organization

More and more senior high schools require students take part in some voluntary activities during their studies. It is believed that it would benefit societies and students in several aspects. To my own opinion, I tend to support this action.

To begin with, it is patent that the community could benefit economically and socially from these activities. On the one hand, with the contribution of volunteers, the charity organization could save large amounts of money and other resources which generally used to hire social workers to help others in needing. On the other hand, the intensive atmosphere between neighbours could be relieved and the community culture could become friendly when students play the role of mediators and cultural builders. Moreover, it benefits the whole community that students who involved with unpleasant relationships would be prone to avoid such a quarrel between their neighbours when they become adolescents.

Secondly, it could help to foster students' personal and social responsibilities. By participating in voluntary works, students could realize their self-achievements which promote their confidence and consciousness of individual responsibilities to be good citizens. Furthermore, the senior high school students have the ability to meet the challenge. For example, having mastered essential learning skill, they could exert fully to help younger children with studying problems.

Last but not least, it enhances the possibility of student's future employment. Skills acquired through practice could not only be added into their CV but also improve their ability to be competent for their future jobs. In addition, involving into unpaid community services, students could have a clear mind on their future career and they may find themselves fond of working for a non-profit organization.

To put all these statements into a nutshell, it is convincing that both students and communities could benefit significantly by demanding senior high students as volunteers to involve into social services.

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