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There are several benefits for older people to live permanently in one place

Masfufah 10 / 12  
Apr 1, 2016   #1
In the past, people usually stayed in one place throughout their life. These days, people often move around. They often live in several different places in their lifetime.

What are the advantage and disadvantage of both?

The majority of people want to live in a convenient. To some extent, some people were keen on staying in one place where they have grown up like in hometown, but human migration is often seen today . As a result, people lifestyle has changed. While I believe that there are benefits and drawbacks of leaving places of memory and traditions in the their prior places and moving in new place.

There are several benefits why old people to live permanently in one place. Firstly, they have an orientiation to develop thier own spot placetogether with local community. For example, traditional activities, like farming. Normally farmers had their field or farm near their abode. So they could work closed with their family. Secondly, everyone knew everyone else and, in the hometown they were born, people often connected and helped other each, therefor no one ever felt lonely. Also, there was little crime in a small community. However, there are a number of demerit. Children did not get a good education because the nearest school was often in the next a town some miles away.

On the other hand, in this present day most people often shift around in several disparate places in their life. Inhabitants as a worker realized that moving around from a place to another places with their occupation is a good way to increase their vacancy such as in search of job opportunities. For instance, many people leave their region to others which aim to obtain more knowledge. As a result indirectly some people got chance to work or got family where they are living. Finally, they found a new life that got the better live. However, it has drawback in family relationship aspect. They will leave their family for a long time since they have a job far away. Absolutely there were sadness because the part of family member would be rare to meet for long time.

In conclusion, I believe that many advantages and disadvantages of people stay where they are hometown and moving in the other place. Because, a great of people are looking for comfortable place.

yonathan66 30 / 27 5  
Apr 1, 2016   #2
Hi, Miss Masfufah. I have read your essay, let me give you some suggestion for your writing. I hope it can helps you. Thank you

1st Paragraph

live in a convenient =>article + adj + noun , or in your case, i think you should use noun after the article => live in a convenience

drawbacks of leaving => this is not the proper collocation => Drawbacks to leaving

2nd Paragraph

why old peopleto live permanently in one place. => it can be old people live in one place permanently OR old people tend to live in one place permanently

they have an orientation =>i think you want to talk about past time as in the introduction, you mention about people in the past tend to live in one place. => they had an orientation

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