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The Silkworm Life Cycle in 76 Days

daveandrei 14 / 8 5  
Nov 9, 2015   #1
The cycle in the diagram depicts the silkworm life cycle during 76 days. It is important to note that the process life cycle of the silkworm consisted of four stages and definitely accounts for the moth life circle from the eggs to larva and the last cycle become the flying insect named moth.

To begin with, the mother of moth produce many eggs which hatch after 10 days. And then, the mature eggs transform a silkworm larva. Aterwards, the egg which generate the larva eat mulberry leaf for growth for 28 until 42 days (4-6 weeks) before the silk thread start to entwine larva's body. Its body gradually is twisted by the silk thread which is soft and thick. So that, in 21 or 56 days, the larva has fully covered with the silk yarn.

The last stage is the larva that has change to be silkworm cocoon. This cycle needs 16 days before the larva which is in the cocoon eventually become a flying insect named moth.

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