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chauuyenbinh 2 / 4  
Jun 29, 2013   #1
I have a sister, and she is also my roommate. She is studying master in England so that I feel a bit alone. My sister and I is usually argueing about something, but now i really miss her as well as our arguement. We have many difference and similarity in appearence and character.

I am a slim girl with a long hair. In contrast, my sister is athlete with a short hair. I always appear with a friendly face but I am really tarciturn and strict with others. I has a lots thought, emotion but I just do not like to show it; wheras my sister, she is the complete opposite. My sister is very talkative and easy-going although she often appear with a poker face. Sometimes, I am tired of her voice when she talk too much. I wonder that how can she talk consecutive over an hour and why she has too much things need to talk. Maybe because of that difference, she has many friends than me. She is reckless in every housework so that I have to redo her duty with a nervy attitute.

Despite of our difference, we are similar. We love shopping, reading book and cooking in free time. We are both into the fashion and we give each other advise on what should wear, what should not wear. In the same way, we like to live independent. We not only independ on our parents's money but also every decision in life. We choose what school we like from secondary to university. We have a part time job and earn money to buy all things that we affort ourself when we was 16 years old.

We are very different in some way so that we argue a lots. However, we always take part in every event together because we has the same hobby. I know that my sister love me so much, and she always by my side to help me when I am in trouble. I am very happy to be her young sister. The more arguement we have the more happier we feel. Hope she turn back home soon.

sally12390 2 / 4 2  
Jun 29, 2013   #2
My sister and i usually argue about somthing
whereas my sister
I wonder how she can talk consecutive over an hour and why she has too much things to talk about.

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